Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


Hey @DougoBlue . Are you like the last on your street to get a boat? :wink:

Will it have power, or are you taking up some light rowing?


@thebalvenie the free paper today coincidentally had a piece on Canada as a place for great remote adventure and beautiful landscape!


It mentions in the first few lines that you need to carry anti bear pepper spray at all times. You never mentioned that. :confounded: Is that why you stay on the water?


It’s a pretty bare-bones pontoon boat. Lawn chairs onboard.

Problem is a friend and neighbor will have to sell her house and move for me to get it.


Definitely a double edged sword that :thinking:

I hope they gave you a good price :wink:


@nick I had some Devo onion rings at lunch today. A coworker laughted at me since it was a nice place and we weren’t paying. The others had scallops to start. Still I felt mine worked out well and worked great with my Kernel Beer. 6.5%. I didn’t bother trying to explain the Devo thing to anyone. They wouldn’t have got it. Who’s laughing now though, eh?


Wow. Any chance you stole the hat?


Ha, no. :slight_smile: It never crossed my mind. All their bowls etc were pretty cool though.


We Are Devo - Stainless.


I had some Gose (sour beer) this weekend. Digging it. Thought of you, Waves.

I don’t see how people drink hard cider. Too sweet!


Cider sucks, yeah. I had a few sours over the weekend too. The restaurant I work at had a limited release Odell sour on tap called Brazzel that was really good, but alas it’s gone. Also had 4 Hands Passionfruit Sour a couple weeks ago and it really grew on me after I had four of them.


I like their package design.


You sick fuck



ooooh so good


Produces a good, creamy, frothy head.


with a sour front and bitter finish…


Fruit forward


nice shoulders and a breathy backbone.


for my brother’s memorial river float weekend of july 20th (where about 50-60 of us will meet up at our cabin in montana and float on the river) we plan to have two 5 gallon kegs of Dale’s Pale Ale and one 8 gallon keg of coors light :wink:


Looks like I picked the right time to quit drinking.


Suppoed to be getting a 6er of Pliny The Elder. Been wanting to try that one.

Still my fav beer that I cant get is KoKanee from Canada (that stuff is soo goood); Ive heard Balv mention it on here.


Gonzo’s has a splendid Vanilla Porter.