Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


Bought a sixer mix today.

I’m a happy not camper.


Maybe my favorite import:

Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier


What’s the Takamine model?


our road trip to the west coast was full of good beers.

i stuck w/ kolsch and pilsener
i had one pale ale at deschutes

pelican brewery in pacific city was by far my favorite beer
ft bragg in astoria was fuckin awesome as well

i also drove the truck over which had a giant ass yeti cooler in it and we loaded that thing up w/ tons of beers from Gus’s market on Ashbury street in san fran

also got some hard to find cheeses from gus’s too

all in all

a damn fine road trip


GD30CE - 12

They had to send it back and get me a new one because the pickup/electronics didn’t work on the first one.


I obviously haven’t been drinking enough Beer lately-I’ll try to fix that soon.

carry on .


WAVES: Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose. I’m hoping sours are available in the cooler months too.


right on.

not a lot of my friends are big on the sours. there’s this brewery that makes a deelish blood orange gose and man it’s tasty.

i can’t have too many though…usually one and done…they can be too much sometimes

had one last week w/ dinner at a restaurant and couldn’t finish it…it was more on the sweet side than sour


Nice! If I see some I’ll grab em up. Evil Twin out of Connecticut/NY has a few great sours. They’re widely distributed too.


It’s fresh hop season! If you see any of the fresh hop beers out there, get 'em - they are delicious.
Have one for me.


I promise!


Had a couple of Great Northern after the move, easy drinking !


Picked up a couple of Japanese beers today. Seasonal Limited Editions by Suntory & Sapporo.


went had a few pints last night w/ my good buddies.

had the “fish on” pilsner and double haul ipa

snap it!


Mmmm, that’s good bass!


Tried this the other day.
Yebisu Hanamiyabi by Sapporo Breweries, a kristallweizen style beer.
It was pretty tasty! :beers:


Rodknee, have you tried Melkbus truffle gouda?
And Cypress Grove Midnight Moon?
Both really good but the truffle gouda is out of this world.


A friend introduced me this one a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite British Ales.
The local liquor store stopped carrying it and I’ve been looking for it everywhere and finally found some the other day and bought a case.
Not too bitter and easy to drink and delicious!


At Metropolitan Market in Seattle, they have a beer from Ibaraki! Pretty random.

Watashi no ichiban ii tomodachi (Midorioka koukou kara) Seattle ni houmon shimashita - ichiba de biru o mita - bikkuri shita!


i’ve tried that cypress one

not heard of that melkbus though

love love love cheeeeese