Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


Sounds like you either work or live on Queen Anne. That market is incredible.


Me, too. I’m always looking for something new to try.
Definitely look for the Melkbus truffle. You’ll love it!
If you like soft cheeses, try Fromager d’Affinois with Truffles.
That one is really good, too. :cheese:


That must be the Hitachi-no beer, jyanaino?

It’s pretty popular in Japan now. They had them in Hawaii, also.

I think they were one of the first microbreweries in Japan.
Oishii yo.


I used to live at Expo Apartments, until we got a house in Arbor Heights. Living across from Met Market was the dream.

Now I go to the one in Admiral all the time haha.


Yeah that’s the one!


My favourite at the moment. Not real hoppy like a lot of IPAs, and one of my local pubs has it on tap so there is no end to the fun we have ordering. “I’d like some Ball’s”, “I’m going for the Ball’s” " So and so likes Ball’s"


an oldie but a goodie, perfect for a hot arvo here , well that’s what I’m telling myself @ 1.08pm :sweat:


U know if you go to the men’s urinal with a ladle u can just drink that and have the same effect!!!


Just tried this, You’re RIGHT- Thanks for another money saving tip on F.S. :thumbsup:


Something new that I tried the other day.



This is happening at my local. Area distributor bringing by the Bell’s. Love the Bell’s.


Just got back from Denver Tuesday after getting to about 5 microbrewries and a few dives in 3 days. Dropped off my bag at home then headed straight to the bar for trivia and (you guessed it) more drinking. Took it easy for a few days, then biked about 15 miles yesterday and hit a few breweries along the trip. Had a Peach Brett Ale, a Sour Hefe, Lagunitas IPA, a local IPA, Scottish Ale and then closed the night out with a tall can of Hamm’s.


You should definitely sample some of that Double Two Hearted. That stuff packs a wallop.


hamm’s is absolutely disgusting!!! good job


Kicking your ass in a cold blooded fashion, dishing out more than a good man can bear.



Pretty sure this tastes the same going down or up.


…the fuck???

no thank you. i’ll stick w/ an ice cold Kokanee for breakfast w/ a juicy fried egg sandwich.


US beer. /--------------------------\ at least a decade ago



i love us beers.

coors light and coors og are tasty and refreshing.


These beers that try to replicate fond childhood memories are not only twisted as fuck but they typically only prove to take your money and end up being the worst thing you’ve drank for a while.