Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


That stuff is pretty common around here, or at least you can get it regularly. I might like to try that Gonzo porter.


A new Bell’s Double IPA - Incessant.


any good?

i find i can’t and don’t drink the micros at all anymore. they really fuck up my stomach.
in mid may we’re doing a 60 mile float and i will bring a growler or too of the local stuff…but it’ll be mainly Kokanee tall boys for me…and coors light for the wifey…and vodka cocktail mixers :slight_smile:


This is the float we’re doing. I’ve done it twice before w/ my brother. :slight_smile: <3


Dang, that looks like an epic canoe trip.


A group of friends and I went on a two-day canoe trip years ago up on the Manistee River. Somebody brought a bottle of Cognac and we tipped over.


Here’s a quote from Larry Bell about Oberon-

Plus, it’s the perfect baseball beer. “It’s solid enough to know you’re drinking a good beer, but not so strong that you miss the seventh-inning stretch,”.



my brother brought a pony keg for this 4 day float trip…day 1 we ripped the bottom out of the raft
day two those dipshit lodged the drifboat against a boulder.

it was a nightmare.


The best of times, @thebalvenie.

Since we were “rookies” and it was our first float down the Mighty Manistee, we were tasked with pulling the skull (or floatable empties barge). At the end of our trip we had $35 worth of empties - they are 10-cent deposits in Michigan. It payed for our meal and a couple of beers after the trip.

We had bought one of those styrofoam coolers to hold the several cases of beer we were loading in our canoe. That broke to bits within a half hour on the water.


jesus whoever invented the styrofoam cooler should go directly to hell…do not pass go…do not collect 200 bucks.

we had a great day on the river a couple years back…2 boats…one party barge the other fly fishermen…i was oaring the party barge.

we downed a bottle of crown and 90 beers…my laundry mesh sack i use for empties was stuffed!!!


OH…and then we went to the bar when we got off the water and closed down our friend’s old bar she used to tend at. one of my fondest river memories…and i didn’t get to fish.

headed to fish the jocko tomorrow. ALL DAY! walk and stalk.


Have fun and catch a few lunkers!


I know what I’ll be doing this week.


oooh nice dougo!!!

make a nice sauce and add to pasta!!!


i’m thinking i will :slight_smile:


My husband picked me up some NA amber beer over the weekend, and oh my god. It’s about 30% better than a real Hamm’s. Thank god someone finally quit just making the same tired IPA in an NA.


Better than Hamm’s, the beer refreshing?


Not better in that you don’t get a buzz… but honestly, pretty damn good! Thank god since the mark up is like twice what you pay for the real thing. :frowning:


hamm’s is fucking nasty. rainier on the other hand…

but nothing is as good as an ice cold Kokanee


Pabst Blue Ribbon, neighbor!