Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


oh man. i can’t even have a pbr with pizza. it’s better than those beers that come in green glass bottles though.

stella, heineken, becks, rolling rock, …all taste like skunky skunk piss.


I had a heineken a few years back when a client brought some in. So bad. Can’t believe we used to consider that one of the “good” beers. Yes, skunky.


I have been subjected to Stella lately and don’t hate it/her.


I like Stella in that it has that slight funk to it that keeps it from being a bland American style lager or session beer. Just enough character to make you know you’re drinking something other than fizzy water.

Pairs great with greasy meat pizza too.


I quite like Stella Cidre if there’s not, like, Hornsby’s.


stella is the best of the green bottled beers…it still tastes like shit in the bottle…but in a can or on tap it is way better and doesn’t taste like shit.


We used to drink Strohs. Every once in a while you got one that tasted funky and we’d always say “I got a green beer” and pitch it… maybe the green bottles brings on that connotation?


Over here Stella is called wife beater


This Double Two Hearted Ale from Bells is shipping next week.

I hear its a walloping, hearty meat loaf of a beer.


Does anyone have a favorite oatmeal stout to recommend?


I’ve had Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, but it has been a while… seems like I remember it being not for the timid.


wish i could help. not an oatmeal stout guy but i love Guinness


Actually the Founders Breakfast Stout is pretty good. A few of my friends swear by this stuff, I think they might have some barrel-aged versions as well. It is brewed just up the road a piece.


Me, too!!!


I ended up getting a case of this stuff:


I can only drink one a day, but so far these are great!


I picked up some Sam Adams Octoberfest… actually bought it at Costco at the end of August.

Pretty good beer, but certainly nothing too great. Kind of like all their beers, drinkable, but a bit boring.