Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


No, I have a drinking problem and it was getting out of control.


oh wow.

i had no idea ea!!!

is that how you ended up w/ the haircut? did you wake up, look in the mirror and go oh shit…my drinking led me to this hair cut…i’d better clean it up!


jokes aside…that’s pretty cool for someone your age to recognize and do something about.

kudos and congrats. i wasn’t aware of your issue(s)


Right on, e_a. Way to cut the bullshit.


Good on ya.


Congrats e_a


Good work, e_a. Keep it up. :blossom:


Well, I’d say they got Indiana right. Three Floyds is tough to beat.

Bare Hands and Deviate are making good good beer too though.


Eh. Down the coast I’d go
SEA = Fremont ORE = Breakside CA= Stone
Elysian is crap.


It’s from 2012, so there are probably some outdated picks.

I like Deschutes a lot (Fresh Squeezed, yum), but I’ve never had Breakside.


That makes sense. Seems like there’s a new brewery every month around here.


Fresh Squeezed is very good. If you get a chance to get your hands on a Breakside Wanderlust, Lunch Break or the original IPA, I predict heaven. Breakside is my favorite brewery anywhere.


Big sky brewing is nowhere near as good as kettlehouse or draught works

But it is one of our oldest breweries


For me

Deschutes is the standard for craft beers

In my eyes they rarely do anything wrong


Ballast point is one of fave new breweries out of CA

Have u tried their stuff?


I always liked ballast point. Never one for fruity beers, but their mango even keel is THE BOMB.


Yessir, got a couple Pineapple Sculpins in my fridge right now


I’m going to Louisville this weekend for a Josh Ritter show – anyone got any brewery recommendations there?

We went to Monnik (great), Great Flood (good), and Gordon Biersch (decent) the last time we were in town.

There’s a new one called Mile Wide that looks good…


Whatever you do, don’t go to BBC. They suck!


Yes. I have their regular Sculpin in the fridge. I like the habanero too. Ballast Point is probably bigger than Stone by now now that you mention them. They seem to distribute more. Alpine is another good SD brewery.


Thanks EA – I’ll avoid them.

Any thoughts on Mile Wide, Akasha, and/or Old Louisville?

If Untappd scores are anything to go by, then all three of those are pretty good. And I seem to agree with the scores on that app more often than not…