Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


Went to the Fremont Brewery over the weekend and the scored one of the last two of these babies. I tend to drink IPA’s and pales but this stuff is amazing.


Am I generic for liking this stuff? I had it 10 years ago and still think it’s outstanding.


I miss import beers! I used to drink a lot of them before craft beer took over.


There’s just so much to like about this post: Bell’s, Hopslam, really good porter, and ping pong.

You’re good people, sir.


Who here has tried Nigerian Guinness?

It’s a ting.

Irish Guinness is usually about 4% alcohol.

Nigerian brewed Guinness - this is for reals - is 7.5% alcohol. The ‘Foreign Extra’.

In my world it’s a competitor to Dragon Stout from Jamaica.

It’s ‘the dogs’, as people say in the UK.


I was hooked on sampling different import beers for years. Seems like the variety that used to be available to us has vanished in the last ten years or so. We’ve got hundreds of different regional microbrews now that have swallowed up their shelf space.


enjoying a cold Leo as we speak.


Bottle of this tonight


Aphrodisiac apparently


Gave you a boner, did it?


I like the Whale’s Semen Pale Ale

Top heavy but less filling


Goat scrotum ale is a personal favorite.


w/ a side of beer battered barn swallows…SMOTHERED in a honey glaze and a touch of sesame seed


It’s Oberon release day!


what the wha?


Man, Texas is producing some really exceptional beers. Just had a few of these over the weekend.


Probably my second-favorite beer - just an incredible taste:


Breakside is my favorite brewery. We’re taking a trip down there this Summer just to see the new taproom.


Are you on Untapped?


i don’t know what that is so…no. :slight_smile:


I am DougoBlue.