Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


They are serving Bell’s Mango Habanero Oberon Ale as well at Bell’s Eccentric Café today. I think I’ll pass on that one.


Not into the spicy beers?


No, I don’t like hot peppers - or anything else, for that matter - cluttering up my beer.



It’s like Candy Crush, except there isn’t any shame in doing it because you can learn more about what you like beer-wise and share it with “friends.”

It’s not like Candy Crush at all, but I wanted to refer back to your previous dalliance in a pastime more befitting an unemployed obese former nail salon tech.


Someone suggested a chocolate peanut butter oatmeal stout to me.

What are we doing, eating a granola bar or drinking beer? I’m with DGB on the Reinheitsgebot.




The next best thing to edibles is drinkables!


Give me beer


Hot enough for a cold gold right about now .


i agree.

i don’t want habanero pineapple grapefruit and pinetree in my beer
i don’t mind the dark beers that have notes of chocolate or caramel or even coffee…although when it comes to darks i steer away from porters and go more for scotch style ale and GUINNESS.

if i am drinking beer i like crisp clean and clear lager or pilsner style
really good pale ale w/ hop forward and clean and crisp finish

IPA’s …i feel like i had my ipa phase and i really enjoy em but jesus if i don’t feel bloated and worthless after about 2 of em…I STILL bring up the tall boy Double Haul IPA’s when i back pack…it’s tough to beat an ice cold ipa by the far under the stars around a fire


There is a pint of beer soon in my future. I think I’m psychic.

Fortunately a British or Irish pint is bigger than an American one too.


We have growlers.

Ours is bigger.


It’s not a dick mea…nevermind.


Everything is a dick measuring contest… ask the commander in chief!


@nick ?


It’s definitely a pissing contest.


I’ve had a couple of these Bell’s Mars double IPA’s.

Really good stuff, but strong… and expensive. They jacked the price way up when they brought it back for a second time.


Has anyone tried this light lager yet? People around here seem to like it immensely.


My favorite is Lite Ice.

They take some of the alcohol out to make it light, then they put it back in to make it ice.