Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


I’ve been digging Saison/Farmhouse Ales lately. Had one in Knoxville and it never left my mind.


It’s beer week here, which is really two weeks. Should be a year.


Who likes Sour beers? That’s been my obsession for the past year. They have some great variations on sours in Denver that I love. Epic Brewing’s Sour IPA and Acidulous Brewing’s Sour Red Ale are both amazing.


I like sour and bitter beers. But fuck the IPA love. :smiley:


IPAs were the main beer taken up in the craft and micro brew explosion of the past 15 years, so I can understand being sick of them. I still enjoy a good IPA but agreed that it’s over-hyped. Cramming more and more hops and alcohol into a beer has its limits.


Love sours


Perrin, in Grand Rapids has done a lot of good sours.


Had a beauty of a sour yesterday. My husband had a bourbon barrel aged along with the best biscuits in town. It was a good Mother’s Day.


Only had one sour in my life. Need to get on those. Hope they become more popular.

I don’t understand the appeal of IPAs AT ALL.


There are so many styles of IPA’s. I focus on the hop profile. I tend to like beers that use citra or mosaic hops and avoid simcoe and the more piney tasting hops. You might like the hazy trend. Trying to make an IPA as close to juice as possible.


Ooh, la la. I’ll give that a try.


yeah, was $17.50 a six here in NYS.


Yeah. Ouch.

But good stuff!


I bet Elon Musk is really kicking himself he didn’t think of this first.


I got a big ole can of Oberon in the fridge.



And I’ll take a Sierra after



Way to go, except I’m not sure that will fit in your beer cap or if the straw will be long enough. Let us know how you go. All eyes on you.


Damn, I thought you were supposed to shotgun these things.


I had a few PBR’s after a busy, stressful and laborious few days. It was good. I’m not ashamed.

:smiley: :middle_finger:


No shame in that redneck brew.

It’s our bowling go-to beer. Then when we’re finished we opt for the good stuff.