Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


fuck PBR!!!

that skunk piss taken right out of a urinal and into a can.

COORS LIGHT. that’s the stuff of legends. and beer shits.


Fuck Heineken.



My bosses brother brought a 12 pack of Heineken to share with us a few weeks ago.
That’s all I could think.


i won’t drink or buy beer in green glass bottles

COORS LIGHT. the gift that keeps on giving.

Coors Light: Montana’s Athlete’s Beer


“Athlete Beer” gave me a chuckle.

Isn’t that what that Michelob Ultra stuff is for?

It’s so light you can’t even taste the beer!


Michelob, the beer shaped like a butt plug.


It says its for golfers, but I think they are definitely marketing toward the ladies… just look at those ribs!




thank you sir for the chuckles as well.

i’ll stick to coors light. same great flavor, less filling.


Can’t believe my local corner shop stocks three different beers from this great brewery now. This is good and bad news.

All their labels are brown paper with basic type. Velly cool.

Mosaic is the hop variety. Called out like a wine varietal.


Kind of belongs here too. This guy in the UK gets hit by a bus, but then continues on his way to the pub for a pint. No drama.


That is something.

Must have had a powerful thirst.

He looked most annoyed by something slowing him down on the way in.


If a bus hit me and I could still walk, and the bus left, I’d walk into a bar as well.


That’d be the only option imo


After, of course calling my attorney and shooting evidence photos with my phone.


Speaking of beer

Going on our first float tonight

Tall boy Coors light and some dales pale ale


You must gird your loins for the coming winter of the children of the corn. Should last 3-5 years at least.


Build an arc?


Artist depiction of the average teen daughter, as seen during family meal time:

When asked to speak:

when asked to participate:

when asked if she loves her parents:


Brought some Yuengling back from Kentucky last week. Always my go-to beer when I’m east of the Mississippi.


It’s not bad, really. I drink it down south at Orange Beach.