Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


my grandfathers favorite beer, although he called it “young-ler” until his dying day (non-native american)


The evening float was awesome

Two beavers
4 blue herons
1 bald eagle and a crow

And 1 double haul IPA and 2 tall boy coors light and 1 dales pale ale

And cold fried chicken

Great night with friend and BEER


What’s an evening float?

I never heard of it here. I’m guessing it involves a watercraft?



a big ol raft.

took the girls and a buddy and his 5 year old out last night

we put on about 6:30 and got off around 9:15

perfect temp 80 degrees and no wind and just good fun. AND BEER


Thanks for explaining. Sounds like a great place to hang out.

There’s just one point I’m unclear on, did you bring any beer with you?


we had beer
on a raft that was floating on a body of water called the clark fork river

i had a cooler full of beer


Wow I just googled that river. Breathtaking landscape. Stunning. I think we are made to feel better if we can see or be near water. Must be in our genes.

Sounds like you may have had some beer with you too, which would have been the cherry on the cake!


I agree about being near the water. That’s why I always want to go to the beach for every vacation I ever go on.
Before I moved from the East Coast to Kentucky that was a concern of mine. The Ohio River isn’t beautiful like the ocean but at least it’s something and only a few minutes from my house.

I want to see what Rod gets to see though. someday.


I think Rod sees more than just the rivers and trees. It’s like he sees the poetry, man! :cry: sniff


i know it’s beer thread…but…the mighty clark fork

and then we’re doing a long 12 mile float on the Norman Maclean’s famous Blackfoot river:


Just wow :sob:


You are both very lucky.

All I’ve got is the river through town. It’s not all that. The view looked good from the tower i had a meeting in today. We had some drinks at the end too. Ok you can’t really see much river.

No comparison to your pics. But the cocktails were great.


the thames?

i had some fish and chips near that river once.

too fuckin greasy


Sadly it’s too easy to get bad fish and chips. You’ve got to know the right place to hook you up, so to speak.


I prefer this to river any day though. :beach_umbrella:
Going back in 3-4 weeks. But it’s a 12 hour drive. St. Petersburg, Florida


Here’s what downtown Louisville looks like from the other side of the river in Indiana.


Sweet views.
There’s never any ocean in a country song. Only rivers bayous and creeks.


I’m very lucky to live in an area with lots of lakes. Our neighborhood is on a peninsula between two lakes connected by a channel. We have lake access and after 27 years here we are finally going to buy a boat.

Little Sugarloaf lake is right across the street and it is surrounded by state land except for a handful of my neighbors houses.

And I like beer.


I’ll take a high mountain alpine lake over em all

Peaks, pups, fly rods and beers and goood gooood friends

And beers


I love the beach