Best albums of 2018


i did.

it’s in the mail on will be here saturday!


Ok! I saw it “out there” so if you didn’t have it yet, I thought I’d put it in the box for you.

Enjoy your Bruce!! :grin:




Wait, you picked this on your best of list and you hadn’t even heard it yet? :wink:


that’s how good bruce is yo


Love that RBCF album.


Have you heard the new (old) album called Liv?
It came out last Friday and predates Minus by a few years.


No, I haven’t. Will have to check that one out. Thanks.


The only three albums that meant anything to me this year:

Gregory Alan Isakov - Evening Machines
Phosphorescent - C’est La Vie
Carl Broemel - Wished Out


I will add:

Haley Heynderickx - I Need to Start a Garden

as well as my good friend’s album:

idylls - Carefully Out of Nowhere…I think a lot of you would enjoy it, it’s on Spotify.


Adding The Moondoggies - A Love Sleeps Deep to my list. This shit is very good and if you have not heard it, you should. I have added it back to the dropbox!


I also added back Ruston Kelly and Brent Cobb. I like them both. Ruston Kelly reminds me of a young Ryan at times and he has a great voice. Brent Cobb is a step more country than Isbell without being too country for my tastes.



20. Leon Bridges - Good Thing
19. Post Malone - Beerbongs & Bentleys 
18. Cary Brothers - Bruises
17. Eagle-Eye Cherry - Streets of You
16. Rosalía - El mal querer
15. Scott Orr - Worried Mind
14. Pearl Charles - Sleepless Dreamer
13. Natalia Lafourcade - Musas Vol. 2 
12. Kyle Ollah - Used to Wear That Old Straw Hat, But Now You Wear the Crown
11. Francesca Battistelli - Own It 
10. Dessa - Chime
9. Traci Braxton - On Earth
8. Lily Allen - No Shame
7. Jeffrey Foucault - Blood Brothers 
6. Romantica - Outlaws 
5. Loretta Lynn - Wouldn't It Be Great
4. Carolina Story - Lay Your Head Down
3. Roma di Luna - We Were Made to Forgive
2. Brandi Carlile - By the Way, I Forgive You
1. Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour


6. The Chapin Sisters - Ferry Boat 
5. Sammy Brue - Down With Desperation
4. Katie Howard - Only You 
3. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - I Am With You 
2. Corey Medina - The Brothers 
1. Andrew Combs - 5 Covers & a Song


That’s a very good list. I don’t care for Post Malone or Scotty Orr but the rest is solid.


Certainly not exploring a wide palette of artists this year, but these grabbed me:

Gregory Alan Isakov – Evening Machines
Big Red Machine – Big Red Machine
Circles Around the Sun – Let it Wander
Jeff Tweedy – WARM
Smashing Pumpkins – SHINY AND OH SO BRIGHT
Moby – Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt
Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots
GospelbeacH – Another Winter Alive

I also really enjoyed Tom Petty’s An American Treasure, but I don’t know if that counts. I don’t really consider that an album, per se.

Standout songs that really hit home for me:

Gregory Alan Isakov – Dark, Dark, Dark
Mudcrutch – Lost in Your Eyes (from An American Treasure)
Smashing Pumpkins – Travels
Big Red Machine – Forest Green
Jeff Tweedy – I Know What it’s Like
Moby – This Wild Darkness
Stone Temple Pilots – The Art of Letting Go
GospelbeacH – Down South


Carter Sampson – Lucky
Laura Gibson – Goners
Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain
Ruston Kelly – Dying Star
Alejandro Escovedo – The Crossing
Dan Stuart – The Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings
Damien Jurado – The Horizon Just Laughed
Lucero – Among The Ghosts
Ethan Johns – Anamnesis
Dead Tongues – Unsung Passage


Parker Millsap one is great, thanks for the heads up.


I’m loving the Father John Misty album as well.


That Idylls album is really good, grabbed it from Amazon streaming. Thanks.


The vinyl packaging is ace, plus colored vinyl, really great detail.