Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


Anyone wanna leak the albums and put them up since they will be shelved indefinitely?


I am gonna unload a bunch of sessions nobody has

Stay tuned


I wasnt really looking forward to Big Colors but I was interested in hearing Wednesdays. Hopefully this all blows over and they get released


Yeah. Joel should open up the floodgates too.


A torrent? Or mediafire or some such? Our dropbox is always right at full up.


We can open a new Dropbox for This stuff only.


That sounds like a good idea.


I guess I can share Blackhole now




Maybe some tech savvy type can set up a ryan dump dropbox.

That’s not me BTW. I am savvy in other ways but dropbox is not my jam.


The irony of this thread makes me laugh.

I never bothered to listen to Prisoner even though it was around for the grabbing.


I can make a Dropbox over the weekend and invite some of you.


Please please please invite me to dropbox, really want to hear anything new.


Who the fuck is she???



We don’t have these new albums yet anyway.


I actually did some digging to see what I could find in the way of leaks. One link did look promising, as it usually goes with these things, it was buried in a multi-liked barrage of rapidgator/mediafire kind of thing.


Tracking things on the “Ryan Adams Archive” and Ryan Adams Superfans pages on FB, it’s becoming clear that a lot of the songs on Big Colors are from the foggy days. Will be interesting to see how these polished versions hold up against those rough demos that (mostly) sounded awful – whenever/if ever these albums come out.


Fuck Ryan adams!!!


Looks like Big Colors may have leaked and is available at MusicqBox. However, it wouldn’t let me sign up as I’m in the U.K. Has anyone else tried ? I still kinda want to hear the music.


Randos looking for dropbox…sheesh…