Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


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it has not leaked


My guess is that these albums will get released at some point. Unless the FBI investigation in regard to Ryan’s interaction with the teenage girl turns up something incriminating. Ryan isn’t a huge star by any means so this fizzled out pretty quickly. Ryan & his record company know all of his fanboys are going to buy his albums regardless of him being a cocksmooch.

But, did you hear the lead single “Fuck The Rain”? Some of his worst lyrics ever. The line “Flowers for brains, permanent sunshine” is cringe worthy in my opinion. How can a guy who wrote “My Sweet Carolina” & countless other great songs write mostly shit songs the last decade?

Ryan seems to act like a spoiled teenager. He’s immatured with age. Not only as a songwriter but as a person. What’s with this whole I’m a child of the 80’s , I’m a big kid image he’s trying to sell? The pinball machines, arcade games, metal T shirts, Canadian tuxedo thing he’s workin’? It makes me wonder if he thinks his core demographic nowadays is junior high kids. Hence the Taylor Swift cover album. The huge drop off in the quality of his song lyrics on his own stuff?

Sorry, I got off track on that rant. Back to the topic. These albums will get released & they likely won’t be anything special. And you’ll feel like a fucking fool for even worrying about it to begin with. The end.


It was probably just the radio rip, it was premiered on BBC or something like that and that rip was passed around.


Thatsite has been garbage since it’s inception. But if something leaks you should know it’s leaked hence negating the site’s existence.


@jonestownkoolaid imwith you on this. Fuck the rain sucks
The foggy songs are what’s keeping me interested


I used to anticipate new Ryan Adams music like a kid anticipates Christmas. But, Easy Tiger underwhelmed me. Cardinology was even more underwhelming. Ashes & Fire gave me a little hope that he was getting back to his roots but it was mostly boring. Everything since was listened to once, maybe twice, & nothing intrigued me whatsoever. They went on the shelf & I haven’t touched them unless I was reorganizing my music collection.

Maybe I’ve judged his music the last decade unfairly. Perhaps, I should give those records another chance. But, I’ve learned over the years that my first reaction when listening to new music usually ends up being the correct one. There have been very few times where music has grown on me. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to like it through repeated listens.




well that site is accurate and if it’s not on soulseek
it’s not anywhere that we’re going to get it.


i don’t even want it. fuck ryan adams.


Also, strangers coming here to ask for Ryan Adams leaks aren’t suspicious at all.


nope. not at all.

love it when people just want to hog and jog.



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On an unrelated note–did anyone else notice that Ryan was looking more and more like 7 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag in the last few years? Like an overstuffed plush doll?