Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


That’s what I was saying!


perfect analogy.

i’d say the same about his songs too. 7 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.


I haven’t been interested in even listening to anything he’s done in years, let alone buying it.


Same. Bought Easy Tiger, fool me once, shame on you, bought Cardinology. Fool me twice, shame on me.


I think this sums it up pretty well




I can totally see the problem they have with RA there, but if you look at the typography of the t-shirt, it’s slightly different (t-shirt text has narrower letters, pedal has wider letters), probably enough to warrant that it’s “not copying”.

Still, it’s terribly evident where this shirt came from.

Then again, Samsung tried the same argument with their early phones, trying to say they weren’t copying Apple, and they lost that in court pretty badly, to a tune of ~ $1 billion.


My collection is mostly alphabetical by artist/band & then chronological by release date of that artist/band. There are a few exceptions to this though. All GBV/Robert Pollard/Pollard’s multitude of side projects are all kept together in their own section. Ditto for Replacements/Westerberg solo/Grandpaboy/Mr. F/ The I Don’t Cares. Same for Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown. Oh and I have a cabinet for all things Beatles & all of their solo shit.


Yo, Balv.
Change your name back to LoveHammer so I can be your apprentice again








How do I get in on this Dropbox action. I have some sessions to share too


what’s your email so we can send the invite?



Who else is here from the RAA days? LBsunflowr, Ultraviolet, You, is kees here?



@Excowboy is here too.
@Seaoftunes is here :slight_smile: i think johnc the raa
@grimlithics too
@pacificmap was the blackmaps

i know there are others too.
forgive me if i forget.


Is Joel here or is he in the witness protection program?


he entered the program a long time ago.

he peaked his head out briefly when ryan tried to fuck a 15 year old


I don’t read the news