Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


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Ryan original yo


I agree with what you’re saying. He needs to take the rest of this year off at the least. Keep a low profile. This fizzled out pretty quickly. The SJWs that patrol the internet have short attention spans & are always looking for something new & bigger to be outraged about. Ryan can count his lucky stars that he really isn’t a big, rock star. Or this wouldn’t have died out within three weeks of it beginning.

He’ll still be able to release his music in some format if he wants to. He has a diehard cult following that will be willing to forgive him in time. This of course all depends on what comes from the allegations involving the underage girl. If the FBI finds enough evidence to prosecute… he’s pretty much fucked. And he should be fucked if he’s guilty of soliciting a girl he actually knew was underage.


I suspect Blackhole will be just as underwhelming as the rest of his output the past 10 years. It’s been hyped for so long that it can’t possibly live up to the expectations. Even if it’s good it’ll still be somewhat of a letdown. But, two of the tracks I see there (Disco Queen & Tomorrowland) were released as a Pax Am digital single in 2009. Neither one of those songs left a lasting impression IMHO. If the rest of Blackhole is anything similar then I expect it to be a huge disappointment after more than a decade of build up.


But just confirmed with folk I know
That’s a troll posting that fake pic


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I feel wonderful not giving one fuck about if his shit leaks or not. I would share his shit 1 million times and not listen to it once.


Ryan has a colostomy bag? Maybe it’s all backed up. Perhaps, that’s why he looks kind of puffy these days.


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Perfect time for Ryan to drop black hole, don’t deny it


He needs to wait it out a while longer. Maybe release it on the Black Friday RSD. In all honesty, I’m not sure I really care anymore. He’s been dangling that fucking record over his fans’ heads for like 12 years or something now. It’s been built up way too much. I think we’re going to be disappointed if we ever get to hear it. Why would he shelf Black Hole for over a decade if it was really special? It’s probably nothing great.

OTOH, it was recorded in 2006, I think. That’s right after the three albums in 2005 . And those are the last Ryan Adams’ albums that are actually worth a damn IMHO. My reaction to every album after 2005 has been lukewarm to stone cold. But, there’s some intrigue as it was written/recorded around the time when Ryan was still great IMO. But, it did precede Easy Tiger (2007) which kind of started his era of mediocrity. So Black Hole is likely a 50/50 proposition. Is it his last great album or his first mediocre one? I’ll still buy it if it ever gets released. I still have a little hope that he has some great music left in him.


those snippets someone posted don’t have me excited at all for blackhole
sound more like the bullshit website crap he’d post
blackhole is gonna suck…if we’re comparing it to another love is hell…that ain’t it.

check these clips out:


Yeah I’m pretty much in the same boat. Crappy overworked and overproduced tunes for a decade was one thing, but I’m not supporting this toad anymore.


What if it was released for free instead?


Ryan Adams looks like Rivers Cuomo after a bad reaction from a bee sting.


Hl said it best
7lbs of shit in a 4lb sack


That’s pretty much how I feel about it – it might be great, but most likely not all that compelling.

I still stand by my comment earlier that he might as well put stuff out at some point in the near future, because those that hate him now always will no matter the outcome of all this, and those that don’t won’t give a damn and keep listening. I suppose it hurts gaining new fans in principle if he put something out now.

In either case, there’s plenty of good music to look forward to this year.


Can you post those black hole related clips again?


Got my official ‘not gonna happen’ email from Amazon about Big Colors.


I don’t know about Blackhole clips, but there’s this for Big Colors: