Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


As far as leaks go, I suppose we’re getting closer?


Well, Ryan Adams’ online store closed as of May 1st. I wonder if a leak is going to be the only way Big Colors & Wednesdays get released? We shall see.

Despite having low expectations for Ryan’s music the last several years, I’m still interested in hearing these albums. I’ll go on record (and most likely be harshly judged by the moral majority) and admit that I will buy these albums if they ever get officially released. I’ve bought every Ryan Adams’ album since Faithless Street.

He deserves a second chance just like anyone else. It’s not my place to be judge, jury & executioner. I truly hope he can come out of this a better, nicer person & redeem himself. Everyone gets a second chance. I hope he gets his & makes the most of it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good redemption story.


I agree
But he has some work to do in regards to earning that second chance
If he does the work I’ll gladly support that person who wants to better themselves
Till then he just doesn’t do it for me


So Ryan posted that? He definitely commented on it. What even is that site? Can you actually download the album there?


I mean… Kip Tornado?


Did anyone get the album?

I want to hear it.


@LoveHammerApprentice @LBSUNFLWR if you click on the link, it makes you fill out a survey before you can download, so I didn’t go down that rabbit hole. Other sites I’ve seen want you to sign up for an account with a credit card. Seems like an infinite loop of links for the most part.

Leak or not, I’m interested in hearing it too. I know I’ve harped on it before, but I still don’t see him having anything to lose if he just posts the download for $10 on PAX-AM. The people that hate him won’t buy it, and those that don’t care will buy it.


I’ll wait til I can download on Redacted.


Same here… when it started asking for your email address, first name, last name, address, etc. I quit.

At this point, Ryan should do what Robert Pollard does. Self release his stuff. Pollard has done really well with his own GBV Inc label & self-release/distribution. Ryan already has PaxAm. That’s a business model he could definitely adapt to. Maybe just start out with digital releases to see how much of his audience still remains. And if the numbers are promising then do physical vinyl/CD releases.


What’s also weird about that site is that the comments are from mid-April. So you would think that if it actually did leak a couple weeks ago, that it would have popped up in other places, too.



I’m quite surprised it hasn’t leaked. He sent it off to those two somewhat random reporters in January or so, and somehow no one along the way has shared it with others. In this day and age, I find that pretty amazing, where it seems like pretty much everything is leaked. It’s hard to say whether it’s due to improved control over the music or a reaction to the situation at hand.


it’s most likely really shitty and they threw it away upon first listen.

occam’s razor


I know this opens a can of worms, and totally exposes which of RA’s albums I really don’t like, but you’d think the same thing would apply to Rock N Roll?


i like rock n roll!


Well then put another dime in the jukebox.



I used to love the jukebox and space bar @ RAA. Just sayin.


is anyone here interested to hear Wednesdays?


I’m interested to hear the canceled albums but if I never do…well, that’s ok too.


I think I’m not alone in wanting to see what he was churning out.