Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


I’m jerking off to this thread.


I think there’s been some chatter/speculation that Wednesdays is getting released soon. Maybe on the quiet. Perhaps, that’s why he reminding folks to sign up for his newsletters & what not.?


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Okay. So I DID listen to each song in about 45 second snippets. Here is my honest review:

Wednesdays, Ryan Adams new album sounds like if Love is Hell and 29 had a child but it turns out Love is Hell and 29 are siblings and now Wednesdays is definitely out there. Alive. Existing. Missing fingers and toes. Is this what emotional inbreeding feels like?

.5 STARS. Does Not Recommend.


emotional inbreeding! love this. stealing for my future novel.


I’d be interested to hear these, if anyone has them please. I saw another (old) RAA friend post a snippet on Instagram, and was wondering how that came about. I’m still amazed these hadn’t leaked earlier


I assume this link is garbage?

My general rule of thumb is if you have to go through a survey, it’s crap.


I found an 11 track version on SoulSeek, not sure if there’s another version out there.


If you listen to the 11 track version, you will not want to hear six more.



I’m no longer even mildly curious to listen to this or the others.


I’m probably in the minority - as I usually am - but I thought Rock and Roll and Love is Hell both sucked and pretty much everything he has put out since the mid aughts has been derivative of those.

I was already grown up by the 80’s and was never really into the Smiths or U2.


Love is Hell is actually my favorite Ryan Adams album. From the looks of it, it always will be.


i like both of those. although love is hell is just a perfect record.

i’m not buying anything he puts out. hard fucking pass on supporting a pile of dogshit.


I’m a Cold Roses guy, but I can listen to Avalanche all day. Still.


I always thoroughly disliked Rock N Roll. It comes off as a very sub-par rock record, and I don’t find it particularly interesting.

My favorites are Cold Roses and Jacksonville City Nights, with Love is Hell a close third.

As others have said, it’s quite sad the last truly good/interesting stuff he’s put out was at least 10 years ago. I’d argue his cover of 1989 is better than any album he’s put out since Cardinology – though that and Easy Tiger haven’t aged well I’d say.


I liked all of Whiskeytown and Heartbreaker. With sharing of his demos and live recordings on the site I really became a bigger fan of his music with the Suicide Handbook/48 Hours, etc. I liked Gold, Cold Roses and Jax Nights. But a lot of the live stuff from all those years was and is great music.

I bought a bunch of additional stuff that was ho hum, but I always thought it was worth supporting an artist that encourages sharing live recordings… like him, Derek Trucks and the Dead had done in the past. Even Wilco benefitted from that kind of benevolence with the love shown for Yankee Hotel Foxtrot before its release.

It was a different time.


Jacksonville City Nights is an album that hasn’t aged well for me. At one point is my favorite of those 2005 albums. I haven’t listened to it in a while, but the last time I did I remember it feeling so affected.

For me…

  1. LIH
  2. Gold
  3. Heartbreaker


Maybe I’m not really qualified to comment on Love Is Hell since I only bought half of it.


Man, fuck that toad and anyone who still supports him in any way.