Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


This speaks volumes about his audience now and who he’s pandering to. Nuff’sed.


you’re not a belieber?


not that you asked but i’ll piggyback on your top 3 post

  1. Heartbreaker …
  2. LIH
  3. Gold …la cienega alone puts this in my top 3

not so honorable mention

  1. JCN
  2. Cold Roses

HOWEVER, all 3 whiskeytown albums or any demos or deluxe reissues are better than all top 5 combined.

for me it doesn’t get much better than WT era ryan…back when being a petulant douche twat rock star wanna be was kind of a cute little thing…what’s cute at 20 isn’t cute at 40 when you’re sexting a 15 year old


People who have different tastes in music? Guess I fail to see what’s wrong with that.


I would like to hear these. I am always interested in his output hood or bad. I feel like everything has sounded the same for a long time. Easy Tiger had a few good tracks but then there was a sharp decline


I’m still on the hunt for these myself; haven’t found anything useful yet.


If anyone could send me a link to Wednesdays that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :+1:


Is there anyway to get a link for Wednesdays?


Jeez Balv, it’s like people are asking you to smear feces on them like you have a bag of wet shit handy.


I don’t know where any links to a leak might be but it looks as though it will be released in March 2021. Just be patient & it will likely be available on vinyl & CD in about three months. Here’s a link to the Amazon UK page for it.


I’m actually looking to write an article related to it and Ryan’s issues. But if I can’t get hold of it, it’s not the end of the world. Thanks for the link.


same stewboss for the old .org days? or raa?


Yes that’s me -…go back a long way haha


Apparently this was released digitally today


I think they took it down. No worky


Weird, working for me…are you in the US?


Yeah in South Carolina… I’ll try again


Looks like you need the premium service to hear it.


It’s weird, because it says Dec. 10th next to the songs, but Dec. 11th under the album title. It might be available to stream tomorrow, not sure.


The link doesn’t work for Sweden either… Guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow