Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


Dreaming you backwards is on YouTube if you have an Aus of South Asia VPN.


Ironically, that’s how Ryan gets his child pornography.


After first listen I like the album.


Maybe it’s 11th. On Amazon music in the UK today.


I just heard the entirety of Wednesdays is on YouTube. Not going to bother listening myself, but figured I’d pass on the info.




the ultimate circle jerk ookie cookie soggy biscuit hangout …LIKE EVER!


Another album that sounds like a collection of bad Richard Marx outtakes. Pass.


I try not to be too judgmental about this stuff. Maybe people that haven’t been fans for very long don’t care for the stuff that came out before they were on-board. Maybe it’s about when you became a fan? I don’t know. But as someone who has been around for awhile, I don’t get how anyone could like any of his recent output more than the old stuff. Hell, I have a hard time undrstanding how anyone can like any of the recent stuff fullstop. The lyrics have been so incredibly shitty for so long that I don’t understand how anyone can form a new connection with him and his recent stuff. It boggles my mind.



Can you explain? Is Ryan saying something about Isbell on the album or elsewhere?


I got a leak of Wednesday last week. I was not interested enough to down load. Listened to some today.

Eh. Maybe I will change my opinion.

Perhaps I will stay jaded.


Ryan dropping an answer to Chaos and Clothes on Birmingham track.


This should tell you all you need to know about Ryan. He helped save Jason’s marriage and life and yet Isbell is still like “Nah, fuck this guy!” Ryan is a special type of fuckhead.

Jason is making the music we wish Ryan could still make. I’m not above acknowledging how great Ryan was…but Ryan hasn’t done anything that can touch “Cover Me Up.”


Exactly this. Jason has a gravitas that Ryan can only fake.


For people who don’t care what Ryan’s doing, you all sure spend a lot of time checking out groups involving him.


I come here for the gay banter.


I don’t know that it’s necessarily that we don’t care about what Ryan is doing. For me, at least, I like to see what people think of the record and to see who has successfully checked their conscience at the door. I think what Louis CK did was appalling, but I still read what people thought of the newest special. Also, it’s entertaining to read the reactions to a record by someone I used to adore who just so happens to make shitty music now.


I wanted to like it. It did not happen. The magic is perhaps gone for good. On both sides. Thankful for the live shows of the past. Those days are gone.



All of this.

Garbage. Shred it and send it back to it’s garbage maker.