Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


I managed to get a leaked copy of the album on December 1st. I cannot believe he started with the lines “I remember you before you hated me…” This is the most on-brand thing I could have ever imagined. This has been a pretty emotional week. I put this rant on the subreddit and predictably it’s getting downvoted pretty good, but hey man, it’s just my opinion.

They’re doing it because they don’t want to get downvoted into oblivion on their main accounts. And I totally disagree with you. I am struggling with this. I want to know where the community of former Ryan Adams fans are.

When I started getting into Ryan Adams, the extent of my knowledge of his bad behavior was that he had a habit of coming into his fan forums and behaving badly. That he was really defensive on social media. Nothing to write home about. I devoted years of my life to being a Ryan Adams fan. I commemorated finding my soul mate by giving him the 7" single that had How Much Light on it. My daughter and I used to play Willow Lane on my turntable every night before she went to bed. The songs I would play and sing her on the guitar were all Ryan Adams songs. I spent months tracking down rare pressings and spent loads and loads on money on records I no longer feel right playing.

Having followed him closely, seeing how his relationship with Natalie Prass and then Megan Buttersworth played out on social media, cracks began to show. The moment he referred to his wife as the spiritual equivalent of wet cardboard was my first real WHAT THE FUCK moment. Thinking about Ryan Adams and seeing what people are writing about him is literally the emotional equivalent of seeing the 2016 election play out over and over again. What exactly is wrong with Mandy Moore? She was too mainstream for five minutes at the turn of the millennium to ever take seriously? For all the shit you people have to say about her, she’s never even made a public statement about the fact that Ryan was cheating on her throughout their entire relationship. She was too young and too naive to realize what she was getting into, and yes, like Ryan Adams himself said, “You deserve a future, and you know I’ll never change.” Doesn’t anyone remember when he went out of his way more than once to point out that not a single song on Ashes and Fire was about Mandy and that in fact it was written about some other lay in Germany? And what about what he did to Leah Hayes? You know I just went over to the Cardinology Wikipedia page and there’s her artwork, no credit, and there’s a section called “Artwork” where I literally edited in that it was her MYSELF because it’s being whitewashed over that Ryan chose to punish her for not doing what he wanted by pulling the artwork he commissioned, replacing it with one of the laziest and cheesiest album covers ever made. And you know what? If you think that it’s okay that a 20 year old nobody be exploited by a grammy-nominated 40 year old because she was an adult, you are a garbage human being.

So yeah, hearing Wednesdays it does feel like a major fuck-you moment to those of us that spent years of our lives on him. It’s like he wanted to punish all of us for being feminists by pulling out his serves-you-right-it’s-heartbreaker-part-II album where he takes swipes left and right, bitches about the same old things, exploits his fans by talking about his mother on record for the first time, and is STILL dragging Megan Buttersworth through the goddamn mud. It’s poor taste, it’s ill-timed, and it’s a piss-poor effort that such an alledegely prolific artist never should have let see the light of day. Clearly he’s still surrounding himself with the same yes-people he always has.

Basically, I am really, REALLY hoping that Phoebe Bridgers wins all four of those Grammys and that 7-time-nominee Ryan Adams loses his damn mind over it.


This is wonderful!


Thanks, Nick. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg for what I wanted to say… but I went back down the Leah Hayes rabbit hole today and that’s how I found a lot of you again (I was on TBY). I’m glad I finally figured out where the former Ryan Adams fans all went. Does anyone know what happened to Darren C? It looked like he totally ghosted from the internet when I left social media.


this is wonderful.

right around sept i decided to delete my account on reddit. i no longer post. i had only joined reddit to be on the squash forums…i love the sport of squash and so i wanted to keep up on tournaments and such…blah blah

anyway, i too stepped into the ryan reddit and figured out pretty quickly the majority of upvotes depended on how deep you could get ryan’s cock down your throat…i didn’t leave because of all the downvotes…i left for the sheer hypocrisy of it…and you mad a good point @saf that hanging out in that reddit is the equivalent of hanging out with those that love trump…you can only stay if you’re willing to not address the shit…call them out for his shit…call ryan out for being a huge piece of shit…fuck ryan. fuck wednesdays. i too, like most here, had a lot of money and emotional investment into someone i thought was a charming and endearing and engaging performer…i liked his quirky stage banter…but his shit got old …he just wouldn’t grow up. and yeah…that shit w/ leah hayes…he’s a garbage human being. amen.


darren combs? the fanboy that loves ryan and has all of his unreleased stuff?

he’s on insta and facebook as far as i can tell


Yeah, I was off of social media when all of this went down and we just sincerely curious how the most obsessed fan I ever encountered would react to all of this being that he had a daughter who was close to Ava’s age. Probably none of my business, but something I wondered about at the time.


darren c still gobbles the ryan cock. darren is a really good guy. but i don’t like his opinion on ryan


And here I was thinking that you stuck around on Reddit so that we could double team those douche bags, Rodders. :disappointed_relieved:


i’ll double team you…you sexy english vixen of a man you


Fuck you Rod. Also fuck you saf. Leave my daughter out of your convo.


Well, “those” people are here now. Fucking great.


Do you have a copy of Blackhole you can share?


I do have Blackhole and it’s great


UHHH…no worries man! you’ve always been a good guy to me but your blind adoration for ry ry is the only thing i have against you. if you want to say “fuck you” to me have at it. gobble gobble.


And I really don’t give a fuck what you have against nor do I care what you think just leave me out of your conversations motherfucker


wow. surprised you have time to come here and call me names…given how much ryan cock you have to handle. were you the douche that banned me from the ryan reddit for #supportava

have fun out there white knighting for a piece of shit.


Do you want to share it?

Hmmm… you know what? I don’t think it exists, and if it does, it has got to be mediocre. That sad bag of shit couldn’t sit on good material. I mean look at all the crap he’s bothered to release. He is waaayyy too into the adoration of the masses to sit on good material.

Blackhole is basically his awesome real girlfriend who lives in Canada and that’s why you’ve never met her but she’s totally pretty and does sex stuff.

Of course, since you say it exists and that it is good, the burden of proof is on you. And the only thing sadder than Ryan pretending his best work has been sitting around for over a decade without release is anyone who corroborates that without being on his payroll.


And oh yeah–settle down tough guy.


don’t tell him what to do…mother fucker!


A couple things here that I’m getting here late for:

Jimmy Whistlenutt and Isbell killing it on twitter. Ryan cheated on MM? First I’ve heard that one lobbied at him, but wouldn’t doubt it. And yeah, Rod, Reddit is awful.

The only Blackhole I know of is the RA fandom these days.