Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?




I’m not seeing it at MusicqBox, although “F**k The Rain - Single” is still up, surprisingly.


I’d like to hear it too. I did see it on MusicqBox but declined to register as part of the registration is providing a valid credit card. I’m leery of that shit. These albums will eventually see the light of day. We’re just going to have to wait. And if “Fuck The Rain” is the lead single then I’m not overly optimistic that the new albums will be any better than the rest of the mediocre albums he’s released in the last twelve years.


aah come on mang help a bruvva out
everyones a rando


We literally don’t know who you are.


Rando? Rando was the name of one of the Spurbury police officers in the original Super Troopers.


We don’t have any new music.


Nah it’s cool. We good.


Nice post. Saw it before you edited it out. ‘A circle jerk’ huh?

Well ‘we’ are starting to think you’d kind of an a-hole.

He deleted his all his posts, apparently.



Wonder if it was Ryan.


Gotta wonder. Nothing better to do than burn a small board. A dick either way.


Wow. Totally a Ryan alias kind of possibility here. Let’s stop selling drugs to pedo’s on the dark web, okay gang???


unless Ryan is on a different continent, no.


You don’t think Ryan knows how to use a VPN? :wink:


He probably does, but he also probably thinks that using it will make his penis unrecognizable in a lineup.




On rare occasions Ryan used to drop by the spacebar on the old archive and chat. Usually under his known account handle. Not saying that was him earlier, and I did not see it prior to delete.


Doubt it was him, but it was some pushy tool.


As he should be.