Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?




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this is still my favorite of nick’s…



Thanks, Balv!


Well, I heard they slapped ‘em on ya…


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It’s hard to wave in handcuffs!


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I’m in the same boat here; I don’t even know if it really exists anymore – and so many people on FB clamoring on about when it’s coming out. Never, that’s when.

Sadly, about 5–7 years ago I settled on the notion to take everything RA says about albums or whatever else with a grain of salt, as it has ~10% chance of happening. With any other artist, any comment of an album coming out, it happens. Not so with RA. This makes Wednesdays all the more surprising.


Who the fuck puts an album called “Wednesdays” out on a Thursday?


Wednesday Adams?


I like Wednesday Week better than any Wednesday leaks.