Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


it was confirmed by joel at RAA that it was ryry. wolfhunter was his name and we all had to be on our best behavior…that place became untenable when ryan was around and resulted in lots of people being banned because they were insufferable jag offs…apparently baned (sometimes) at the request of ryan??? @Excowboy might attest to this for me??? and @ultraviolet???

he had made a sexist comment about natalie portman one day when i was online.


Yeah, that’s about the size of it, balv… he didn’t like somebody, they were banned. I even held my tongue when he called me out for the “fan fiction” thing (yawn, i know, sorry!), but I wish I’d have given him shit back when my story was corroborated, at least in part, by the other 2 artists at Songwriters Circle… at that point, RAA was already dying though, what with the no taping thing…


joel and the other mods to this day are talked about how mean the RAA was and banned people…the mods took it cause they didn’t want to throw ryan under the bus…also, it didn’t help that there were a lot of mean spirited trolls and attention whores flooding the place…kyjoy cums to mind


had saved all my pm’s from RAA…found this little gem:
> From : fishhippie
> To : LoveHammer
> Date : 2009-04-20 09:33
> Title : Im a winner!
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please mail my winning prize of one excowboy cum rag to the following adress:
**> **
> Aaron Kuhl
> blahblahblah.
> San Antonio TX 78254
**> **
> To give others a fair chance I will not enter the next competition.
**> **
> Thanks Balv!


Forgot about fishhippie


so many names in there…

KiB, SINNER, la cienega, driver, rosebud, cgoodwin, hgrunwell, airbreather, nikkilala, etc


Fishippie is only into Instagram these days. And Phish. I still talk to him pretty regularly. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


I don’t remember banning someone because RA asked us to…This is me personally. Maybe someone else did that.
Wait, there was this one time we banned a stalker fan for him. I remember that.

I banned people who wouldn’t keep up their ratios for the torrents we had there. Our main thing was sharing RA’s music and that was why most people joined so we had to make sure that everyone did their share.
And the ones who got banned were all given a warning plus two weeks to improve their ratios plus a guideline on how to improve their ratios, seed, and re-seed before they were banned so they had plenty of time to fix things.

I once banned a guy who called me a “bitch” and some other things after I suspended his account for not improving his ratio. He came back, called me names for suspending him and so I banned him.

Oh, I almost banned RA, too! He was arguing with the other members and wouldn’t stop so I had to shut the thread down and told him to knock it off or else!! :smiling_imp:

And yes, we banned the trolls because we didn’t need that at RAA. There were other boards that people could choose to go to if they wanted to talk, gossip, whatever about RA. We liked to stick to discussing his music not him & his personal life.

I don’t know how things were after I left.
That’s when you came in Rodknee, you took over for me. :sunglasses:



You were sorely missed!!!


Trolls and a ton of Ryan appologists. He could do nothing wrong and if you insinuated something close they would attack.

RAA was an awesome place though. Fun time specifically 2005-2008.


Yup, yup! The trolls vs the Ryan apologists!
Ahh, the good ol’ days at RAA. Those were fun times. :grin:


they truly were. some of the best people there.


Funky Avocado ~
Remember the Ryan Adams Radio thing that FA started?
And Miles. I wonder if Miles is still around…

I loved cwhumble, he was so funny. I wonder what he’s up to…


Speaking of Wolfhunter, he deleted all his posts in March of 2008 and stopped coming to RAA and went back to lurking.
But he couldn’t stay away and came back again in 2010, maybe? I know that when I almost banned him it was Dec. 2010 so he must have come back sometime before that.


Many of the rest of us are more dot org veterans. I was also at RAA, but mostly used it for torrents and the earlier ‘file library’ sort of thing.


I started out at the .org also, but after I found RAA, I moved there permanently. I know cwhumble and Funky were also at the .org. And Kees who’s username here is @dommodkees.

I remember you from RAA, highlife. Were you a red panda there, also? I can’t remember…
I think you were a donor, right?


That was my recollection as well. I was pretty sure he had several other lurker handles/accounts after deleting Wolfhunter, and would use them for a little while and then self destruct.


of course i remember funky and cw…both were on all iterations of the .org

factory boy, dutch, babyklipklop


No, I asked if you remembered the Ryan Adams Radio that Funky started.

That was fun to listen to but he got busy and it died.

I was just naming a couple of people from RAA since you named a few.

@Seaoftunes, @inky are both from RAA and they’re here.


oh yes of course
i remember his radio and then joel had a thing in the spacebar as well.

a lot of fun.
glad i kept those pms