Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


:rofl: again


Yes! Joel put a jukebox in the spacebar for all the members.

Good times at RAA!


@inky & @LBSUNFLWR

I loved playing NAME THAT FACE in the spacebar.
That was great. Such a fun game that we made up!

@dommodkees and dannyjo were there, also.

@grimlithics, did you play too?


I think I remember that. The spacebar was fun.


We used to post pictures of people and try to guess who they were.

@AmyG was there, too.


I signed up to do that Ryan Adams radio and came home one day to a hard drive issue. The only areas of my hard drive that were compromised were RA music files. Not sure what was up with that…I suspected some nefarious Ryan plan to obliterate hard drives that held his music.


Wasn’t he pissed because someone from the was stalking him? Or sent him a weird package?


I can’t answer that because I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Joel and RA when I left RAA so everything I know from my RAA days has to be kept confidential…

I’m only kidding ~
This was back in 2009 so I don’t remember exactly but yes, it was something like that.
And now that you mention it, I think you’re right, RA was involved somehow.

I remember having a meeting about it with Kees aka @dommodkees and Factory Boy and I didn’t know anything about it and Kees had to fill me in on it.


I believe I was not involved in that, and if so possibly heavily sedated at the time.

I loved the spacebar, the sharing shows/torrents, youtube, pics, and humor. I loved when Cardinals played and we got live updates. I would stay online just to see what was played. Good times. :heartpulse:


Yes, watching the set lists come in and checking every day for new torrents was the highlight for me, aside from making so many wonderful friends! :sunflower::heart:


Each torrent felt like unwrapping a new gift. Thank you for all those fun nights LB. :hugs:


I see deano on insta
love that guy


One thing that sticks out in my mind to this day was Joel (I think) live streamed a few shows back in the day. In 2019 you can do that easily with your phone, but at the time, that was pretty impressive and really cool listening to a Cardinals show as it was happening.


Absolutely!!! I thought it was amazing that I’d be sitting in my apartment in NJ listening to a show going on in Michigan through my laptop. In 2007 that certainly wasn’t the norm.


I don’t think that was Joel.
Wasn’t that Funky’s Ryan Adams Radio?


I spent more time in the spacebar than on the message board.
And then there was you running with scissors in the spacebar. :wink:


Might have been, that was a long time ago and my memory isn’t what it used to be.


Yes, I think it was Funky and his Ryan Adams Radio.
I thought it disappeared because Funky was busy but it could be because RA didn’t want him to stream the shows.

Like @LBSUNFLWR said, that was pretty amazing to be doing that back then. I really liked RA’s music back then and since I was living in Japan and they never came to play any shows here at that time, those live streams were the closest thing for me to seeing them live. I used to get pretty hyped up about them.

And thanks to RA not coming to Japan, I went to see NC when he came here (since he was the closest thing to seeing RA & the Cardinals) and we ended up being friends. So thank you RA for not playing Japan with the Cardinals! :+1:t2:

*Let me change that to thank you RA for not playing Tokyo with the Cardinals!


A meeting?

I remember some crazy lady who was indeed stalking RA in a very bad way, and this situation became so intense that not only was she banned from RAA, we also had people from RA’s ‘inner circle’ asking about her… Well, ‘we’, I know I talked to ‘Boxorice’, if I remember correctly, Van A., co-writer of CPMU, for a bit about who she was, where from, and how to get her to back off. Not that I had any idea how to do that…

Other than that I can’t remember banning anyone because the spoiled little brat wanted us to.

The space bar was my favorite place online. We spent way too much time on there. Too much fun, getting very little sleep, and drinking way too much…


Yes, a meeting on AIM like we used to do when we needed to discuss mod stuff.