Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


RAA seems like a long time ago.
The place was more fun when Wolfhunter didn’t visit and seemed to go nuts when he was there.

I remember sending in (to Kees maybe?) set list details, half pissed, like it was the most important thing in the world and we were breaking a big news story if he’d played a rare tune.

BTW, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the Cardinals played Japan as I recall Funky A went along and taped the shows. Maybe around 2005/6.


Me too. I don’t remember us banning anybody for RA besides that crazy stalker lady.

You were drinking! It was always early morning for me!
Pernod or Pomerol for you. :sunglasses:


Yes, RA did play Japan at the Fuji Rock Festival but that was too far for me to go to from Tokyo which is where I was at at the time.
He had a meltdown there, remember? He didn’t finish playing or something right?
Sorry, I had meant that they didn’t come play Tokyo but NC did.

And like I said, it all worked out!


Ryan having a meltdown? Surely not.:roll_eyes:


The space bar was my favorite place online. We spent way too much time on there. Too much fun, getting very little sleep, and drinking way too much…

Pretty much sums it up :rofl:


Good times. :scissors: :hugs:


Well closer than Michigan!!!



I was only on RAA. First concert I went to, the tickets were comped by the venue. I wanted to see what the tickets looked like since I didn’t have one so I googled it. EL had posted a photo of her ticket. Her avatar was Greg Dulli. I signed up.


Your making me nostalgic.



Me too.

It had the Cassette tape banner when I first joined. All I ever did at first was download torrents. It wasn’t until I got a new job where I was left alone all day with very little to do that I got on the boards.

Mojoryzen is a name I haven’t seen in a while!!


Thanks for those RAA shots, Rodknee. :two_hearts:

Look at me and @dommodkees hanging out in the SB like we always did!!
We practically lived there! :rofl:


i know!!!

i visited every once in a while. but i couldn’t keep up.


We can’t forget @kafunis. He came here from RAA, also! :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi @ultraviolet , yes that’s right, I started lurking on RAA in 07 as I came upon it before my first RA concert, good times indeed, then in the dying days @LBSUNFLWR emailed me about this place, glad she did !


I always wondered why you never stuck around! :rofl:


i wasn’t mature enough then. i was just a kid. you guys were using big words


Rod - thanks for the screenshots! Wow.

Just to chip in here - RAA was definitely the first RA fan site I discovered and I was on it every single day - checking for new live shows and adding to the conversation once in a while. Some other memories:

  • I created a few album covers for some of the live shows and unreleased albums and shared them.

  • I was part of the Disc Tree - I think in the summer of 2006, but I can’t remember what the project was! At first I thought it was the “On The Radio” project, but that was later. Anyone remember what that was in 2006?

  • My biggest fail on RAA was I made a DVD for the Elton John Crossroads show and shared it via bit torrent before double-checking that it was 100% fine. Well, turns out the audio didn’t work for like half of the DVD. If you still have that copy I am so sorry!


the 2006 was the new songs project.
funky, rosebud, joel, john, sinner, and a bunch others compiled a big 2006 best of new songs

he was newly soberish and was playing some amazing acoustic live shows in uk
and then of course we all know the rest of the 2006 story…best live act of any ryan version