Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


I miss the Bedhead Projects, wish they would have done more


I was TheBlackMap on RAA, probably rolled up around 2006?


Yeah, love those solo shows from the UK , some of my favourites !








“Nothing better to do”

Follow your computers.

Move with the crowd.

Give yourselves a big digital pat on the back.

Give Dopamine a little e-tickle.



I look into my crystal ball and see all the replies below this are just another big load of poorly thought out insults. All while telling themselves inside how noble they are for standing up against abuse.

Very sad … Invisible Circle Jerk guy is on the money.

Enjoy Mandy Moore. Soon it’s all you’ll be left with.


Well, that’s where you’re wrong. The first post below yours is just a repost of yours in case you delete it. So, in fact, maybe it is a ‘big load of poorly thought out insults.’


Yeah repost it again. You can see the link which explains how pathetic you are.


I really love the starkness of this album cover. It’s direct, and to the point.


Ugh. I don’t care if you’re a fan or him acting like a fan. One way or another you’ll be gone soon.


I do miss the good old days of the RAA, was a great place for the music and subsequent discussion. Glad to see some of us have signed on here!


No one here likes mandy Moores music
Good actress though!

How anyone survived the likes of an insufferable irreedeemable shit heel like Ryan…I’ll never know


oooooo I’m really scared. I’ll be gone from a Forum of Adult Online Bullies with horde mentality. What on earth with I do with my life after that happens. Dear God, Help me.

yeah yeah yeah. I am the same as the other guy, and also we are both Ryan Adams. And anyone else who comes along to find the leak is also all of us (Ryan Adams) Also, Niburu is coming to visit us at Flat Earth. Maybe when The Anunnaki arrive, they can teach you how to think for yourself.

Speaking of online bullshit. Wouldn’t it be funny if the FBI cleared Ryan Adams. And you let the New York Times dictate you.

If you’re a kid, its cool bro, You’ll grow up. If you’re an adult. Pathetic AS FUCK. L-O-S-E-R. hahahahaha. An Adult, Dogpiling on the internet. Like a high school boy. Burn the Witch, Easy Target, EASY EASY EASY. Need to agree and get validation and easy laughs from my digital peers. How cool am I?

Wouldn’t it be absolutely HILARIOUS, if the FBI found out that all the bad things the NYTs claimed. Were said after the girl was 18. Wouldn’t it be a fucking pisser, If the FBI came back and told you that Ryan Had in fact asked for ID and wasn’t the devil the NYTs made out. Wouldn’t you just look like the biggest cock wad, if the newspaper, who knowing hires people who go on twitter and says things like this:, turns out the be bullshit.

That would be funny. You’d look like a complete sheep then.

Mandy Moore, marries a rock star to further her career (which was pretty crap before him anyway - you have to get to the last song on her third album before you see a Co-Write credit), then complains that she didn’t get the white picket fence. Oh the emotional abuse. The Torment. Are you going to let a feminist agended organization tell you that marriage has one side to the story when it fails?

Oh the New York Times, they know everything. They were there.

Look at the NYT. They’re taking aim at the entire country:

Negative click bait bullshit.

NYT: Trumps going to lose the election for an entire year.

AGENDA, AGENDA, AGENDA. Do you not see?

Wouldn’t Ryan Adam love it if his superior believed in the court system too:

Ryan didn’t put his dick in anyones mouth at church. Not excusing him if he did it, but where you there? You believe the New York Times? Have you given up on the proper court system? Do you think the media are honest people with no agenda, who aren’t it in to just make money out of sensationalism???

Would you disown your own son or daughter if someone accused them of wrongdoing after they said it wasn’t true. Surely you’d like to see due process go ahead? Wouldn’t you?

Maybe it is true, but maybe it isn’t. but yeah, FUCK the court system. Let’s burn him anyway.

You’re a dogpiling sheep, who can’t think for yourself. Go fuck yourself. Anything you say to me is cheap.

Trial by the internet. The Power is strong. It’s enabled to be strong because of people like YOU. followers.

I hope someday the horde turns on you.

One way or another, I’ll be gone soon. But you got to hear some truth.

Fuck you.

Love Always,
Not Ryan Adams.
Not the guy before.
(But they both have more intelligence then you will ever know - sheep boy baaaaa baaaaa baaaaa)



Just sent Circle Jerk guy a copy. He can’t get enough of his new nickname. Sent him screenshots and everything. We had a good ole laugh. Glad you left his email. Thanks.

Next time, play nice and you get nice things. The Album is GREAT.

baaaa baaaaa baaaaa.


Here is a picture of you idiots looking at my screenshot.



Summer rain is just beautiful. Ryan at his best.


I do feel a little bit bad for you. And I dont want to leave you with nothing at all.

So you can take this as a second prize (it’s a torrent of Wednesdays):


Agreed. GREAT album cover.

How about this one?

Or check out this one. So good.

OMG. You gotta see this one too.


Straight to the point.




What if the FBI clears Ryan Adams?

right here and right now i’ll apologize for “piling” on…i felt justified in my actions because of my huge disappoint and frustration for a man whom i’ve only barely met, had a couple hit and miss concerts even more hit and miss albums…but you know what? i fucking loved Ryan Adams music. Like any good song or songs or musician or album that comes along in your life…it makes you think, it makes you reflect on your life, and most importantly it’s a shared experience…it’s universal in its feeling and emotions…music is wonderful. here’s the deal, all you ryan apologist, if i didn’t love ryan adams, i wouldn’t be upset. i wouldn’t be mad at him for making me feel torn about his music now. i won’t listen to it. it doesn’t feel good anymore. the fact is, i hope it all comes out that he’s clean…that’d be great…cause that would mean a teenager wasn’t hurt, that would mean he didn’t push leah hayes head in his crotch and ask for a blow job…that would mean he didn’t lure someone up to his hotel room and undress and lay naked… FUCKING GROSS BEHAVIOR.

ryan surely must know that megafans or not, it’s not a sheep that just throws away 5 months worth of an investigation aside, or the testimony and text and screenshot of a 15 year old girl. the FEELINGS of betrayal, the feelings that once hero (albeit broken and kind of tortured) has brought upon me, is not a feeling i’m going to shake. i have thought long and hard and been critical and even spoke to my daughter on the matter…in fact, playing he devil’s advocate, i told her it’s a choice we’re making right now to side w/ Ava…to side w/ the women. IT’S a choice, as I told her, think about the people in ryan’s life, the family, the friends, and i told her i can guarantee you there will be some that will believe ryan’s side of the story…i chose not to believe that side of the story, as more and more of the story unfolded, given ryan’s history of behavior, the hot and cold, the make up, break up w/ his fans and bands.

so, Not Ryan Adams, not the guy before, i don’t care if you got SOME TRUTH WE GOT TO HEAR. i’ve heard it since day fucking one when the story broke. i hear: “this pesky #metoo movement is really getting in the way of progress, lol, i mean i really wanted those 3 albums and that tour.” i heard: “ava took advantage of ryan and lied to him about his age…she’s just as responsible.”

and so many fucking other defenses you ryan apologist twats seem to like to point out…all miss the point, which is: Ava was 15 …the power imbalance between an adult and a child at the time is already skewed and out of whack…now, given the two have shared interest in music and the 40 year old is a famous one, now the power imbalance is really fucked. what 15 year old wouldn’t be excited about the opportunity to work w/ ryan? or befriend him? or have a relationship? i could imagine it’d be exciting, it’d be validating, and then it turns ugly, cause all that stuff that happened before the adult showed me his dick, it would feel like it didn’t matter, now i have hopes that we can talk about music, but now i have to deal w/ a naked asshole across the screen…

so fuck you and your intelligence. fuck that stupid album and fuck the other two albums.
ryan adams is a 45 year old adult who made some big mistakes…and he solicited a minor for nudes, for sexting, for whatever the fuck it was.

Here’s the new album leak i have on my computer…let me know if you want the link: