Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


I’d understand that long-winded diatribe if it were Ryan Adams.

But to just be a fanboy and be that invested? Therapy now, bro.







This stuff. Gives a whole new meaning to ‘sad bastard’ music.

Sad bastard indeed.


perhaps he’s making a new genre?

sore loser music???


Also 3 of my favourites!! What was your point again?


As sore and loose as his asshole will be, when Bubba gets down and dirty after lights out… smooch


Wouldn’t… matter to me, his career is now in tatters, good luck recovering… and that’s karma, bitch


Doogie? That you?


I couldn’t give 2 polished fucks about album leaks. Pretty certain everyone here’s had a pretty good idea about how I’ve felt about David Ryan Adams for a good while. I think I started my disdain back on alt-cuntery. Dude’s a fucking douche pistol and I can’t fucking stand people like him. I was willing to give him SOME slack when I only thought he was a fucking pussy little baby man but too many women have come forward for it not to be legit. I’ve watch enough footage of DRA not performing music (seems like we’ve all seen more of him mouthing than singing) to see how the puzzle pieces can fall together so perfectly.

Dear Ryan,

How have you not had your teeth knock down your throat yet?


Bill Cosby


I’m actually Ryan Gosling.

you guys knew that right?



so, when i made my first movie w/ emma stone, i was able to get the hook up w/ her music insiders…one thing lead to another and here i am w/ the Ryan Skype Sessions:




Does anyone here really think ryan spent a couple of years w/ a girl online and DIDN’T know her age? i mean, the NYT says she would share her performances on youtube and the titles often said 15 year old bassist…etc etc…
given that, and the fact that ryan had to ask on more than one occasion to NOT TELL her mom…he surely knew what he was doing wasn’t right.


Exactly. Which, for me, is the big fucking WHY. Why would any of you want to keep his music or merch? Fucking period.


He knew. 100%. +/- 6 months.


i’ll go w/ you to 99% because logic dictates we don’t have ALL the facts…but given what we do know…i’m at 99%


I’m still just surprised that he did any of this stuff. Only because he was famous and a musician. As such, there are plenty of women around that you don’t have lie or be creepy with to get into bed.

I believe that he is the kind of sad fuckwit who would do this sort of thing, but I’m surprised he didn’t opt for the much easier ‘banging groupies’ alternative. There are plenty of nice, attractive, reasonable groupies.

Why go out of your way to be bad person?


Because at his core he is a nerd and nerds aren’t rock stars. <That sentence really is self explanatory.