Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


People do all kinds of shit when they think that they are untouchable… they believe they’ll get away with anything, just because of who they are… thats my 2 cents




wait i’m confused, what am i reading here?


Which part?


the texting part…who is it to/from?



What’s with the woman lying down next to her lamb?


because why not?


I’ve known rich kleptomaniacs. It’s not about access, it’s about the thrill. It’s a game.



Dude’s got the personality of a communicable disease.


Har Mar Superstar is awesome. I’m confused by the texts though. Why would he just show what he has sent Ryan?


If you’re really Ryan Adams meet me at the 666 7/11 this Thursday and we can have a boxing match.

I’ll get someone to film it.

Btw I’m reptilian and we are currently in the process of turning humanity into soylent green.


twitter hates your album covers.

time for ashes and fire one…should probably be skype screen w/ blurred out nude ryan


I came back for this shit?


To not be Ryan he sure seems to know and insinuate a lot about the situation.


And he’s ingesting coke like an anteater- lol


For Ava:

Free my heart
Somebody locked it up
Still waiting on parole
I can taste the freedom just outside that door
Same gray walls
Same great calls
Mmm, I know my friends all know
Can’t keep it under control
I know our love is wrong
I am a criminal
Mmm, I am a prisoner
Mmm, I am a prisoner
For your love
There’s this one bird
Lands on the sill beside the bars
How can something born with wings
Ever know freedom to truly be free
Clock don’t know what your memories do
They’re stacking…


Yay! Ashes and Fire might be a bit rough. Let me try later.


whenver man. i know you’re busy.