Big Colors and Wednesdays leaks?


What about turning 29 into 15?


for more on the harmar and other shit smack:


Do they, though? You had like one dude who was pissed and now he’s gone.


Have u gone through recently? Got called a
Out a couple times today
They’re not well received


give me your handle please :smile:


is it under your normal profile? Like the one with your name or the other?






I think over three weekend we finally had another like


Just skimmed a little bit. That’s why I couldn’t be bothered. You’re a better guy than I am.


Don’t agree

Need to get off and stop it and act my age


Yeah I’m feeling a bit burned out on there… Think you have to be seriously unhinged to be able to be a serious Twitter user, it’s just overwhelming to have to plow through all that


It feels offensive to others to have an opinion about anything anymore.


I don’t even know how to twat properly. And people who keep telling my I should be on instagram can go fuck themselves.


Lady Gaga on social media:


Your words trigger me.


Can this thread be resurrected?




Hah. I am just looking for a leak. I found Manchester on soulseek, or 3/4 of it. I’m scared it might actually not leak. But the recent Amazon links might be a good sign


And we would like you to take that leak. We really would.