Billy Strings


This guy has become one of my favorite musicians. He has also become one of my favorite people.

He gave every kid going to his old school a guitar! This is in Muir, which is only about a half an hour from where I live.

Other reasons I love Billy:

  • His love of fishing
  • His old chevy malibu that he wrenches on
  • He loves bluegrass, but is hardly a strict traditionalist
  • He climbs out of his element on the regular just to see where it will take him
  • He is honest and genuine, but never tries too hard at sculpting his image
  • He can play banjo, mandolin and just about anything else you put in front of him
  • He isn’t a show off, and doesn’t seem too overly cocky
  • He’s got a really good voice and is a great songwriter


I saw that story. It’s so awesome.

As a musician there is no denying his talent and as a person he seems like a very kind, lovable guy.

His music is not my favorite but bluegrass is not my favorite kind of music. Still, his live show is a lot of fun and I’m sure I’ll continue to see him live when I get the opportunity.


I know bluegrass isn’t for everyone, but I have always liked it and wished someone would help to bring it into this century.


Billy Strings is the man to do it if anyone can. Superbly talented individual.


I love his cover of Neal Casal’s All the Luck in the World:


Thanks for sharing, i’d never heard that.