There’s a few different threads at the other forum. All long. Can you guys give me the low down on this.

When did he write these songs?

When did he record the first version?

Is the second version the one he did overdubs on in 2010?

What’s the track list, or what songs have you come to know are on this?

Did he ever perform anything off of Blackhole besides Catherine and The Door?

Any photos from the sessions?

I’m looking for anything and everything, just like you guys I guess, but I’m new to the board thing. Bare with me.




Those are all good questions, and I hope to hear some answers as well.


The final album to be included was Black Hole which Adams called “a real serious effort to make a rock record” and confirms that it was the last album he recorded “in the last days of the drugs.”[1] Adams told the NME in 2014 that the album was a “really cool” composite of two recorded versions of the album and was considering releasing it for Record Store Day 2015.[7] In the end Adams did not follow this plan through, re-releasing “Come Pick Me Up” instead. from wiki


this sheds no light on it…cause ryan himself is full of shit and never fucking speaks anything that closely resembles a truth…


Yea. Since The S/T release I’ve been hearing blackhole this blackhole that for a while. Just thought I’d see if you guys had you finger on anything the boys at the other forum didn’t. It seems like he was making a serious push to release it, with playing those songs and stoking about. I guess like you guys said though, don’t believe everything you read.


nah. i’d say no one really has their pulse on the blackhole deal

here’s another article i’m sure you’ve read:


We’ve got our finger on the dump button. That’s about it.


He’s never played anything live back in the day from that old Blackhole tracklist. Sarah or white light anything like that


it’s a real shame; from the looks of what we’ve heard (Tomorrowland, Disco Queen, Catherine, The Door), it is probably a really good album.

He’s probably got some BS excuse along the lines of “oh, well I’m putting out a new album, so I don’t want to steal its thunder.” It’s not a TV – I’m pretty sure we can handle a new album (which is actually quite good) and an uncovered album from days past.


Yea. I agree man. It is a shame. I’ve only know about this for 3 years. Others guys been hanging on for ten. So I guess I don’t have it at bad. But sucks still


Yeah, still waiting for the Box Set, that was ready to go when ??? Hahahaha .


Yeah, I stopped “expecting” Blackhole. In fact, I don’t believe about 90% of what RA says anymore. I’ll believe it when I see it.


i don’t believe a word he says.

he likes to hype just to hype and over promise and under deliver.


I actually had an opportunity to listen to this once a long time ago, but it slipped through my fingers. Oh well.


Damn lyin’ sumbitch!

No for real…just release this on vinyl and call it a day - cash money will roll in.


God’s honest truth. Long story short, someone at the old message board wasn’t too happy with me.


Haha nah meant Ryan’s the damn lyin’ sumbitch! Always toying with the music slaves.


… music slaves. Or prisoners.


It would be amazing if it ever sees the light of day as the released tracks are some of his better work.
Whenever I really think about wanting this album I just put on Darkbreaker, (which is one of his best), and hope that one day Blackhole will be released in a similar fashion.


for me…if it is like the stuff that we’ve heard like disco queen and tomorrowland…then my excitement for blackhole is just meh

but if it’s like catherine and the door