i’m still waiting for the boxset of all of his unreleased albums to come out, like he said. it’s going to be christmas time, so i feel like we’re getting close!


I remember him showing a screenshot of his cracked iphone on twitter (before i got blocked) that had blackhole on his phone in itunes. I sware I also remember his showing a picture of blackhole pressed on vinyl also; I wouldn’t be surprised if he the albumns boxed up somewhere.


I remember that too – that was definitely posted at some point on Twitter. It’s a shame we’ll never hear it, considering the songs he has played or released are quite good.


The first version of Blackhole was recorded at Electric Lady Studios on September 25, 2006 and did not include Catherine or The Door. I think the other one was done in 2010 and may have included those songs but I cannot confirm this.


I was at the soundcheck in Brighton in 2008 and Ryan and the Cards were rehearsing tracks from Blackhole with Ryan teaching the band their parts between songs.
I knew they were from Blackhole as Ryan had recently posted the tracklisting and you could quite easily work out what track you were hearing because the song titles were in the lyrics I was hearing.
The songs I heard were short, fast paced, sounding to me like a NYC band along the lines of Vampire Weekend or The Strokes. Certainly not intricate, Dead like jams.
I was taping along with 2 others but when the band left the stage, a message came down to delete our recordings, which we did without question.


Which makes them sound less likely to be all that great. The Strokes were one too many bands that sounded like The Strokes for me.