Bob Dylan thread


You know I don’t know how much active interest there is in Bobby D around here. I suppose I’m about to find out…

Here’s a photo I found recently from the Rolling Thunder tour which I thought was sweet, uncharacteristically so


love bobby dylan


Dylan is a point in my triangle of life. Also included, Tom Waits, NEIL.


Favourite album? Mines probably Blood On The Tracks.


I’ve been watching old Neil Young footage of him on his ranch from way back. Feel I might understand her m a bit better than I did. I’ve only ever dabbled, might be time to properly explore.


If you can get your hands on this, it’s pretty wonderful


I’ve been planning a Bob Dylan road trip for a while now, I’m hoping to take it soon. I live in Minnesota, so I’m putting together as many Dylan related places as I can to visit and taking 3 days or so to hit them all. I’ve been to a lot of them already, but I love the idea of taking a trip solely dedicated to doing this, really excited about it.


Thanks a lot. I have just bought it online on DVD. It’d better be good :wink:


That’s such a great idea. <3


Two words: Transformer Man


On topic. Whenever someone tries to poo poo Dylan’s writing I play them Mama You’ve Been on my Mind.


mine is always going to be Nashville Skyline
i love every song on it and i just love that era

close second is blood on the tracks or blonde on blonde


It’s so hard to pick and great that there are so many good ones to pick from. There aren’t many artists where choosing one is a genuine struggle.

He has a good one whatever your vibe or mood.


or desolation row




I used to host an open mic in the early 90’s in San Diego. I had a 3 song limit. This douche waffle would play a couple songs, then Desolation Row. 30 minutes later he was done. I changed it to 15 minute limit.


I could do 6 songs in 15 minutes!


I love Best of Vol. 2.

I know that’s cheating and I don’t care.


Ban hammer!!


@DougoBlue I’m sorry to do this to you, but I thought I might get a badge out of it too, which I did… :slight_smile: