Bob Dylan thread



I just came to post that :grin:



This stuff is just bonkers. Listened to it all weekend.




“Life is about creating yourself.” Love it!



yep. rad.


That’s so great! My daughter is going to MInneapolis as an exchange student and I’m bringing her, in august. I’m staying a day or five, and was planning on maybe going to Duluth and Hibbing…


Listening to Desire on vinyl right now. Not my fave but some solid 70s Dylan.


The movie is tomorrow…


I saw Dylan in the 70’s and shot a few photos. I think it was 1978 at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo. He had a good sized band… Scarlet Riviera on violin and Bob Marley’s I-Threes were singing background vocals. Photos aren’t great, I had no idea how to shoot good concert photos back then - or even now.



Any chance that’s Bloomfield back there on guitar?


Sure looks like it, doesn’t it? Looks like he got along with Dylan until his death, he played with him about a year before he died in San Francisco, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was there at some point for this tour as well.


Definitely not Mike Bloomfield playing guitar at the show I was at in Kalamazoo.


Based on the info on the site Dan posted, my guess then is Steven Soles is the one that looks like Bloomfield.


I enjoyed the live footage in the Rolling Thunder documentary, but the fact that Scorsese decided to make this a weird work of fiction is kind of off-putting to me.




Watched Rolling Thunder last night. Dylan is enchanting. I don’t think I’ve seen him so candid. He’s pretty light even in the recent interviews. He and the band we’re on fire that tour. This movie is a real gift.