Bob Dylan thread



Had to travel to the east coast for work. Turns out Dylan is playing in Philly tonight. Looking forward to another great show!


Oh, and:



I put Robbie Fulks new double LP in the box. It’s called 16. It’s a re-imagining of Dylan’s Street Legal. It’s vinyl only. I ripped it directly. Hope it sounds OK. Unless no one’s really interested. Then I don’t really give a shit.



The fall tour was amazing. This is a great recording from the Beacon residency:


This is a very thoughtful write-up of the experience of these shows:


On this day in 1975 Blood on the Tracks was released. Perhaps Bob’s finest set of songs (with honorable mention going to Blond on Blond).


My favorite, usually upended by whatever other Bob I’m playing.


i love this and blonde on blonde but nashville skyline is my favorite bob album ever. i can listen to that on repeat nonstop


Too much Gomer Pyle on NS for me.





If that’s his last hurrah, that’s an epic one.




New Dylan album coming in June.


Just re-learning this one on guitar, almost forgot how much I love this song: