Bourbon and Beyond Festival


I’m pretty happy with this lineup for the 2nd Bourbon and Beyond festival here in Louisville.
Even though I’m not a fan of John Mayer, or Sting. Lots of others and some legends I’ve never seen: Robert plant and David Byrne. Plus Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows, Govt Mule and Magpie Salute!! All good for me. Even more too.


David Byrne. Literally the only act I would stick around to see.


Yeah. Lost me at John Mayer.


I won’t be staying that night to see John Mayer.

With Forecastle being very disappointing the last two years I’m happy to have this festival as an alternative. It’s in September and less than ten minutes from my house. I’m pretty satisfied with this lineup even though the headliners aren’t very appealing to me.


Lots of gullible ladies and the occasional gay gentleman. With Bourbon. Sounds like a blast.


This festival is this weekend. My best friends are flying in from NJ tomorrow morning and we took off Monday. Not my ideal lineup but enough good stuff to go and have a fun weekend ten minutes from my house.

Last year was 100 degrees and sunny. This year high 60’s low 70’s and possibly raining. Should be interesting. Good thing I just bought a new raincoat.


The festival was a bust. Poured rain so hard on Saturday that the place became a muddy mess. We had on good rain gear and after four hours just had to leave. We didn’t see any of the bands we were hoping for. And then bc the rain was so heavy the road flooded and they canceled the festival Sunday!!!


Oh no! :cry:





Yeah. 25,000 people came Saturday. We left halfway through Sheryl Crow. I heard it stopped raining during David Byrne but once it got dark you couldn’t even see what you were stepping in. And bc they closed the road getting out was a nightmare at the end. So I’m glad we left when we did. We saw JJ Grey, Keb Mo, Brian Setzer and part of Sheryl Crow.

I feel bad for all the people who came from out of town and spent money on flights and hotels. I feel really bad for those who were camping in all that rain and then the shows got canceled.

They’re supposed to have a metal festival this upcoming weekend in the same spot and announced tonight it would be canceled also.

Can’t control the weather.


I heard that men/women get wet before John Mayer even plays a chord, takes the stage. I guess it’s true.


((((golf clap)))))