Bourbon and Beyond Festival


Samantha Fish might be worth seeing if you are there that early.


We’re bringing chairs today. We are too old for walking and standing for 8 hours. It’s so loud that you can see and hear farther back where everyone had their chairs. The last two years we stood on grass, but the new location has you standing on gravel or cement and it’s hard on the feet.





What a great festival!! Squeeze is one of my first loves. I have more weird vinyl of theirs than anyone.


The sound seems pretty good!


Squeeze and Trey were the highlights Saturday. Squeeze was so perfect. Robert plant was better than expected and played more zeppelin songs than expected!! His voice sounded great. Hall and Oates was pretty good too. For a bunch of guys in their 70’s it’s pretty cool they’ve still got it and are still touring!!


Sunday was decent too. We saw Kurt Vile, Margo Price, Edward Sharpe, Leon Bridges and a few songs of ZZ Top before we left. None of it was great but it was still cool. Headliner was Zach Brown which we didn’t care to see. We were exhausted after three days.


The sound was great. It was very loud so you could still hear everything pretty far back.

This company put on a Country Festival for the first time last weekend. This was the third year for Bourbon and Beyond. Next weekend is Louder Than Life metal festival. Think it’s the fourth year for that. Pretty smart to set up once, go three weekends in a row and shut down once.