Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


There was a good thread at the old site about this, which we should probably replicate.

So, I"m going to a scotch tasting deal on Wednesday. I don’t know anything about scotch, because I’m not that Caucasian. I do like bourbon though, and from what I understand that makes me a bad candidate for a scotch drinker.

Drop some knowledge, Monkey, Balv, et al. What varieties/styles should I try, etc?

Single Malt,


It’s not a crime to enjoy unpeeted Scotches.



I’ll be sure to tell the server, “Don’t peat me bro.”

I think peat like IPAs with beer were a weird workaround due to a scenario of limited resources (e.g. beer shipped to India was rotting, so add hops, nothing grows in the highlands of Scotland, so use peat).



I’ve never developed a taste for bourbon or whiskey. Tequila I can do.


Stop calling it Scotch.
Don’t add anything except a little water if you must.
Try lots of different ones.



i thought balvenie and isle of jura were the best i tried. i’ve done a lot of scotches in my life…tried a lot…but those two beat the test of time.

balvenie is smoky…thick like an ashtray …it has the look, smell and feel of hot tub water after your saint bernard jumped in it…

isle of jura is smooth and subtle and a silent killer…it’s peaty undertones hit you at the end…upfront it is soft and supple like monkey’s ex wife’s breasts when she was lactating…it has the look, smell and feel if you were to drop a rag in a heavily used urinal at a world series ball game…take that rag and wring it out into a glass…ISLE OF JURA

talisker is rich, bold and upfront…you can’t hide from it. imagine someone putting out their cigarette on your pupil…that’s how your throat and lungs will feel if you sip this thing…drink this one w/ a large ice cube…or don’t


I have been drinking a lot of Booker’s lately. Long days in the NICU will do that. Luckily, baby Leo came home Thursday. I’m still drinking Booker’s.

I still drink a lot of Jack, though. I have “better” whiskeys, but Jack is still my house whiskey. In fact, I am now the proud owner of a Jack barrel.


this one beats them all


that’s a joke, right?


what do you think?


Amusing. I think I’m going to follow Inky’s advice and ask her for tequila recommendations. I don’t think you need the qualifier “heavily used” when talking about a urinal at the world series.


haha. well i put it there for emphasis.

i hadn’t had tequilla in years…at least outside of a margarita

my wife and i were out w/ her bestie and her husband bought us all a shot of this amazing top shelf tequilla before we headed out for the elton john concert.

jesus that shit was sublime. i might have to switch…AND no i didn’t get the name of it…but i will


i stay away from whisky

if i were to go back it’d have to be the canadian stuff…i love crown


Two favorite tequilas are Don Julio and Herradura. I’ve really been into this mezcal though.

Smokey, delicious. Great sipper.



I’ve had that one and it is excellent.


If it comes up in convo Ely, ‘Tequila butter’ is the stuff that comes out of your butt after a night of drinking Tequila.

In Spanish, it is known as ‘la mierda de Dios’. Not to be confused with ‘madre de dios.’


That’s just an inability to keep your shit together.


Good tip, HL. I’m a lightweight, though. I’ll do 2 -4 drinks, tops, and I’m good.

No more Cerveza Culo, for me.

So, Balv is off spirits and only on beer now?


i haven’t had any booze in over a month. Wanted to see if whatever I was consuming was, a) considerable and therefore quitting would provide health benefits, and b) wanted to see if it changed my personality. I am a self proclaimed cunt.

What I have discovered is that there have been considerable health benefits to not drinking, however, not drinking has made me an even bigger cunt.