Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


I like the islands

Especially isle of Jura

But these days I’m not into the hard stuff

My wife loves whisky and bourbon though


I’m not much of a Scotch drinker. I have tried! Although, I am watching the Outlander series with my girlfriend at the moment and it’s made me contemplate it. Jesus, that show is a little too much at times. The last two episodes of the first season were fucking hard to watch.


I hate that show


my wife read all the books.

and of course we had to watch the show…a time travel movie to scotland …and then back to the 1700’s in america…utter fucking garbage.

but in the same breath…she hates better call saul and i love that show…


Yeah. It’s not great. The rape stuff really bothers me.




Bulliet is a fine go to for cocktails, highballs and shots. I don’t have anything against it except that there are bourbons and ryes as good or better than Bulliet out there for less shekels.

And I’m not really a Scotch person either although I won’t say no to a gift if it’s unpeated. Also, as an aside, i think that all Japanese whiskey wants very badly to be bourbon but can’t make the claim because of the technical rules for Scotch.


Do you have any Japanese recs, though? I always see one or two on rec lists.


You can skip the Japanese whiskies, Ely. I have tried several and they all seem overrated.


Skip them. Buy scotch for a better price.


I got my husband a bottle of Laphroaig 10-year, then took the idea of samplers that Ely got and threw them all together for his gift. I know nothing of Laphroaig, but the reviews seemed promising.


It’s harsh
But maybe he’ll like it



Love it and stealing it!


He loved it! The smokiness won him over. I tried a sip and told him I felt like I was standing over the smoker with the after taste it left.


Not a lot of peaty folks here.

Glad he liked it!


Been trying to holler at’choo about this, Nick.


Dude! I have been trying to track some down myself. From my understanding, it’s impossible to get right now.

However, I finally tracked down this stuff down! It’s wonderful.


Monkey, I bought a bottle for you! You tried tracking it down for me, so I got you one. Thanks, man! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Be honest with us. My brother didn’t care for the finish. He said it almost had a waxy finish. I agreed with him, but I like wax lips.


Oh wow! That’s beyond generous! I don’t even know what to say. Jeebus.