Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


Get a room you two.




OK, I know Monkey probably wouldn’t use this to clean his cat’s sweater, much less drink it, but this was surprisingly good.

Tullamore Dew, special reserve aged 12 years.


Actually, that’s one of the few NOT BOURBONS that I do like. It has a crisp pear and vanilla sweetness to it with a clean quick smoke finish. Goodonya, boy! Blended NOT SCOTHES are okay in my book.


It’s Irish.


Ugh. Yes.


It’s Irish whiskey that is aged in bourbon and oloroso (sherry) casks. I smile every time I walk past it.

I tried the regular Tullamore and it was smooth, but not complex enough. This spec reserve has nearly five stages of flavor when you drink it.


Picked up the knob creek 15 and a knob creek 12 cask strength. The 15 is just ok and not worth the price in my opinion; it drinks hot and has some flavor on the back but expected more for 15 year. The 12 cask is perfection and worth the price of admission. My brief review.


I’ve been loving High West, a distillery out of Utah, specifically the Double Rye.
There’s a Rendezvous Rye that is around $70 and we’re going to spring for it over the winter break.

I realize Monkey would not clean his cat litter box with this swill. :wink:


I have actually taken a liking to high ryes. But I am taking a break from all things boozie for a while. I’ve been drinking a bit more than I like.


Agree on the double rye. I like it better than the Rendezvous. Also look for their midnight winters dram. It’s a winter release, a blend aged in congac barrells. It’s really good.


Bardstown Fusion 3

I don’t know what to say about it yet but it is smooth and tastey.


God, I miss drinking.


You quit or just have too many responsibilities?


I’m pregnant.


I stopped drinking several years ago. Once I hit my 40s, the hangovers just got worse and worse, even when I would just drink a little bit. I don’t really miss it, but I still miss smoking every day, even though I quit 20 years ago.


My drinking has essentially sputtered to a stop due to hangovers getting worse and much easier to get. I still have wine once every week or two, but try to keep it to one glass, which is of course near impossible. But anything beyond two will provoke a hangover.


What kind of wine are you drinking?


Generally only rose and whites, and sometimes bubbly versions.


Poor Highlife. I hoped you were gonna say CABERNET SAUVIGNON and then I could help you become a lush by suggesting you switch to Sauvignon Blanc. I wonder if this phenomenon is gender specific. I did have a four month break between pregnancies where I at least got to go on a good spiked eggnog tear.