Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


Yeah, sputtering out. Only the most easy to tolerate drinks left. No heavy reds, no more whiskeys. Unless I feel like it of course, since I haven’t ‘quit.’ Just don’t want to deal with the hangover.


No regerts, I had a good run though.


Same here. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having the same issue, but it’s somewhat consoling, since all of my friends keep drinking at the same pace. I don’t know how they do it.


I used to drink so fucking much. Now I just drink often.


i love a good margarita
i love moscow mules
and i love la marcca w/ orange juice or just by itself

my wife and like to have a glass of wine every now and then…she collects wines from all over. we are saving up for a wine cooler for her. she deserves it. :slight_smile:

i really really really like beer but i don’t think my body tolerates it anymore. i can only handle about 3-4 light beers and i feel my stomach getting upset. these last 3-4 years i’ve started to listen to my body…i used to just say fuck it…but if i’m working out, running, playing squash, lifting…any sign of pain i just stop and i’ll let my body rest and heel…i love ice packs, ice baths, icy cold showers, and my massage gun and tens unit :slight_smile: i listen to my body too when i know i can’t drink much. a good practice i maintain, when i can, is to always make sure i follow up a drink or a beer, especially, to have a glass of water with each one. it helps with making sure i don’t over drink and it helps keep a better buzz :slight_smile:

this year i’d like to get off the antidepressants and start losing weight. i am not a huge eater…i can consistently eat 2000 -2500 calories…and that’s good calories…i make sure i’m putting in about 150-190 grams of protein each work day…via bone broth, collagen peptides, yogurt, peanut butter, fish, chicken, or shakes.

since i took antidepressants i cannot lose weight. i’m still strong and can lift a shit ton on my legs and chest…but losing weight would be nice for the pull up side of life.

rant over.


I usually start Friday eve with a single beer (probably a sour), and then proceed to two different whiskeys/scotches, usually a rye and then a speyside style scotch. So three drinks total.

Then I might have one more drink Saturday eve, but usually that’s the extent of my drinking for the week.

Balv’s workout routines are Goggins level ridic.

I was part of this Dad’s club group before Covid and I’d drink around 4 beers a night when we’d go out and felt crappy the next day, so there is a line for me that leads to hangovers and I’m just right behind it with my routine.


this new routine has been super beneficial and has us both drenched in sweat.

first set:
150 jump ropes
one person on hip sled for pyramid starting with 6 plates on each side 5 reps, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
other person is doing bi curls (no pyramid) reps of 10…mixing palms down and up for each…that’s about 60 reps when it’s all said and done…
ab/core lower back work

second set:
125 jump ropes
one person on seated row pyramid 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
bench press with 150lbs reps of 10
quad extension pyramid
lat pulls
core/ab/lower back…bridges and plansk etc

third set:
100 jump ropes
upright rows with 25’s or 30’s depends on how tired we are
chest fly’s pyramid 5,10, 15, 20, 25
ab/core/lower back

DONE. stretch pound coconut water.

this week we’ll add to the mix a lunge around the track…get about 100 feet of lunges and then sprint back to that position…lunge about 50 then sprint…then lung e100 and sprint…finish out lung of 50 sprint and lunge


How long do these workouts take?


it’s nonstop and about 75-80 minutes consistently


Back when I could drink whiskey, my stand by was the Grangestone 12 year. Like a smoky marshmallow fire. For when you have some money to spend but not THAT kind of money, thanks.


I visited the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto Kentucky and signed up as a Maker’s Mark Ambassador some years ago. Every year since they’ve sent me Christmas presents which are always a lot of fun and have included things like socks, a fun Christmas sweater for small pets like dogs or cats, and this year they sent me a deck of cards. They are well-made and have recipes on the aces.


Finally tried Uncle Nearest 1884. Not sure how different it is from the one that Nick posted (1856)??

Digging it, little more burn than I expected but still good. Thanks for suggesting Nick.


You’re welcome! Glad you dig it. Both are great!


I gave away all of my bourbon, bar stuff, glasses, etc. I’ve realized it’s become too significant a part of my routine lately and I don’t like it. I’ve worked hard to improve my life and my happiness and this has become medication for things I should be dealing with with a clear mind and path to doing better. Wish me luck. Again.


Wait. You gave away your bourbon?


I feel this. I’m going to take a break after we finish the Uncle Nearest. I used to only drink when we went out to eat (once a week). Now we don’t do restaurants, so that natural check and balance isn’t there.


That Uncle Nearest bottle would already be dry if I had it.



I hope it doesn’t become the next Eagle Rare (extremely popular and now hard to find).

Although I’m not sure ER would still hold up for me. It’s the first bourbon I really liked.


Better hope it doesn’t become the next Aunt Jemima.