Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


I don’t get the hype for Eagle Rare. It’s a good bourbon at best. It’s not great. If I can’t drink it neat then it doesn’t deserve the hype.


Wow. That’s very Nick of you!


I’m using my whiskey glass to drink ice water. First time it’s seen ice. Someday.




happy birthday!


i’m gonna have an ice cold kokanee on the river this friday…the big tall boy kind…20 ounces of flavor country…cool.


Thanks, Balv!


any chance we get pics of you in your golden glove boxing days?

just need some new material for the old spank bank.

thanks in advance!



My midwife was like “It’s my husband’s birthday” and I had to stop myself from saying, really? It’s Nick’s birthday too, because @nick is not a universal phenomenon.


Happy birthday Nick!


Thank you, everyone!


Yeah, it was my first foray into bourbon, so my palette was super basic. Again, I don’t think I’d still be interested in it, even if it was available.

Happy birthday, Nicolai! (@nick)


He is around here.

Happy birthday Nick!


Total phenomenon! Happy Birthday, Nick! :birthday:


My husband loves that stuff. I’ll tell him it’s hipster and ruin it for him. Thanks.

And Happy Birthday nick. :heart:


Good luck Monkey. I think I’ve been drinking sober for 4 years in June. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made with myself. All the little health annoyances and lack of motivation that I chalked up to age are gone. I’m happier and a bigger asshole now than ever.


Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. The fact that they happened in a booze thread makes so much sense.


Did you replace drinking with a different habit/drink? (e.g. high end sparkling water or needlepoint?)


Oh yes for sure. I’ve always been a sugar fiend but now I can justify it. That’s my next battle. I’m the perfect candidate for saf’s creamer test.

And YES on the high end sparkling water. I love Dry Sodas. I can crush a 4 pack if I’m really going hard on the weekends.


This is a family message board.

I am into all that flavored soda water. Le Croix type shit. Try to keep it to one a day, so it’s a good thing I really enjoy icewater.