Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


No it isn’t.


Well, that didn’t fucking last.

I drink about every other evening. Usually 3 strong ones. Not drinking to drunk BUT STILL. I are disappoint.


Dog, you got to wean yourself off of this.

Try a combo of @inky and @thebalvenie strategy.

Buy some high-end dry seltzer and get a chin up bar and squash racket.

On the night you want to drink pour yourself a double. When you feel the urge for a second one, smash a complex dry seltzer (grapefruit and turmeric) and do 3-8 pull ups. If that doesn’t help, smash your testes with the racket (who actually plays squash?).


I’m pretty good at quitting stuff. It has to be for your own reasons though. Once I convinced myself it was poison there was really no going back. I hope you find that thing, Monkey. And don’t beat yourself up for being human.


dude. you should try squash. it’s an awesome workout and it’s really fun. if you play for an hour you’re entire body will feel it the next day and the next.

go try it!