Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


I’ve cut down quite a bit. Anything over 2 drinks and I’m playing with fire. Don’t drink during the week unless we go out.



Been like that since 2013


2 Beer Cavalier!!!


Afraid to google


Leo is a cute name, Nick. Glad he’s home.

Balv said “bestie”. :nail_care:


I’ve always been partial to highland scotches - a bit smoother and less smoky with hints of honey, but Lord Jesus the price of a decent bottle here is ridiculous, most of the price being taxes. So yeah, we have socialized medicine but enjoying alcohol is getting expensive as shit. Even the price of a pint is getting stupid - right now a “cheap” pint is between $7-$8. The irony is that there are so many microbreweries in Toronto now and so many good beers. On the plus side, my locals serve real pints, not those pissy 16 ouncers some bars call pints. I just completed my annual try-not-to-drink month. I did pretty good - drank on a couple of occasions, but for the first couple of weeks I was kinda testy. Not Monkey-type cuntery I’m sure, but less genial then usual. Grimly enough, during that month a friend finally succumbed to alcoholism. It’s a real buzz kill watching someone drink themselves to death. It was sad though -not a bad guy, just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do anything for himself.


They’ve started adding a beverage tax in the bars and pubs here but it is mysteriously missing from 51/50 establishments.


They don’t read their mail. Never have. Never will.


I blame all the micro-brews for driving up the price of regular beers. A six pack of bud now costs you 8 bucks out the door with tax and deposit.


I prefer the highland scotches:

MacCallan is hands down the best. Glenlivet and Glenmorangie are also good and more reasonable. Macallan 18 will run your ~200 a bottle but it truly is amazing. Macallan 12 will run you arond 50 and is really good also.


It’s hard to get Lagavulin 16 here. But when I find it…


Just grabbed this up during lunch. :smiley:


Nice lunch :grinning:


Yeah, haven’t cracked it yet. I made the mistake of showing it to a few friends that were in yesterday afternoon and they all expressed a desire to have a pour. Fuck me.


do it.

you’ll be better for it


Fuck that. Keep your good booze to yourself.




:middle_finger: BALV!


Okay. So, I’ve had better for much less.