Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


I had the Herradura silver on Sunday, 1 part tequila, 2 parts sparkling water, 1 ounce lime juice, and some roughed up mint leaves.

Zero tequila butter.

Perfect drink after putting in 48 plants in the garden.


Nice. Thats a nice tequilla. I was in Scottsdale and instead of lime they gave you an orange slice dusted in cinnamon/sugar with the shot. It was delightful!

Just picked up a bottle of Col. Taylor Single Barrell… pretty damn good!


So much good bourbon and whisky comes out of the Buffalo Trace Distillery and yet Buffalo Trace it’s is shit.


My favorite is WL Weller… so hard to find and inexpensive but good.

They also make benchmark which is very inexpensive… $10 and it is pretty good.


I just picked a bottle of this up. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


Gentleman jack is very smooth… assuming that will be better


Why they say BARREL twice in a row?


Single barrel simply means that the whiskey in that bottle comes from a single barrel.

The barrel proof is the percent of alcohol achieved while maturing in a barrel.


pretty sure they’re talking about the double barrel shotgun they use when guard the cask

and that’s a side by side

not an over under


yes what monkey said… notice the 130.9 proof… just like your grandaddy use to drink.

single barrel meaning 1 barrel

barrel proof meaning we aint fucking around

and in Tennesee im sure there are some double barrel shot guns near by


Anyone had this (High West)



Yes. It’s actually very decent and the price is good.

It needs a nice big ice cube though. Tastes better opened up rather than neat.


Finally something passes Monkey’s test!

I have to finish this gallon size container of Eagle Rare before I try something else. Also have tequila (clear kind) still, but it tastes like fermented urine from a lizard who only ate aloe. Not sure the appeal.




anyone ever try this…thinking of buying it and chugging it


You should mix it with Sierra Mist. I hear it’s the dogs balls.


Ron Swanson’s favorite! :thumbsup:


I’m not a scotch drinker but my friend from Japan was visiting a few months ago and he introduced me to Macallan 12.
I really enjoyed it and I ended up buying a bottle for myself so I did some research on how to drink scotch:

I was doing the “hello, how are you…” thing one day and ended up snorting the Macallan up my nose!
It definitely tastes better through the mouth than through the nose! :rofl:

I also tried the Dalmore 12 but I like the Macallan 12 better.

The best for me though, was the Yamazaki 18. That was very smooth and easy to drink and reminded me of cognac.


try the 30 year old The Balvenie…really smoky and w/ lots of peat notes and broad shoulders and stilts…

the 37 year old one sucks :wink:


What about sake? Nobody seems to have mentioned it, maybe because it’s not a bourbon, whiskey or spirit but Ely seems to like things that are beneficial to his health so sake would be a great choice for him. You can drink it hot, cold, room temperature, lukewarm. It’s delicious and it goes with everything. So many flavors and different grades to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. There are also seasonal sakes and limited editions, some made with melted snow. It’s really fun to play around and try different ones from different prefectures but sake is all about the rice so if the rice that they used to make the sake with is good, then you have good sake.