Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


I just don’t like the taste. Seems like something you should be sparingly cooking with.


U can drink it:
Luke warm

Just like urine!!!


Well, how about that?
You can learn something new here everyday. :thumbsup:


Maybe try a different brand? Because they do all taste different and it’s definitely not the same as cooking sake. :sake:

But best to stick with what you like best! :clinking_glasses:


Powerful infographic. I especially enjoy the fortune cookie-ese phrase “Prevent overweight.”

I have a cousin-in-law who likes Sake, but he also enjoys WWF. I think that’s why I wrote it off until now.

Monkey has a high bar for drinks. I’m guessing he drinks Diet Coke though (just a hunch).


World wildlife federation and sake go together like lamb and tuna fish!


Try one that your cousin doesn’t drink. That might work.
Sake, bone broth and sweet potatoes are the way to go!

Sounds like Monkey likes the kind of drinks that burns the back of your throat and wakes you up. I have some authentic Arkansas moonshine that my plumber’s cousin made sitting in the fridge. It’s rusted the lid of the jar that he gave it to me in. If Monkey lived near me, I would share it with him. I think the moonshine is more his style than sake.


I’ll drink to bone broth

I love just drinking a cup of it like it’s coffee

Heather makes use of bones after we do a big chicken soup



Have a cup of rock and rye. This picture makes it look big but the mason jar is only 5 ounces.

84 proof. Ingredients in the can: Rye, raw honey, navel orange, rock candy, and bitters. Not as good as homemade, but not to shabby for a canned booze drink. I think a small squirt of acid (lemon?) might brighten it up just right.


Farewell to you old Southern skies
I’m on my way.


On my way…


Tonight…highly recommend. They also have Peated and Sherry Oak versions.

Made in Seattle.


I’m thinking Tobasco should lawyer up?


I ended up buying the High West Double Rye! and Monkey is right. It’s better with a big ice cube.

There’s also a High West line that mixed bourbon, rye, and peated scotch. It’s called campfire, but I’m wondering if that has too much going on.

My brother bought some Tullamore Dew and it was smooth, but not complex enough for my taste.


I’m a professional alcoholic. Of course I was right.




Gin is wildly popular in England, but whisky is loved worldwide.


The article is from The Guardian so I guess the article is about the UK.
I thought it might be interesting because it listed a bunch of whiskeys, maybe something new that the people reading this thread might not have heard of.

I don’t drink whiskey so gin, whiskey, whatever. It doesn’t matter to me. :grin:


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