Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


Let me know some of your favorite Irish whiskeys. I’ve only had Tullamore Dew and it was smooth, but not that declarative.


I’m really not an Irish fan. Sorry. :frowning:


I’m a Jameson guy but there’s not much variety where i live.
But at least i have a bar where i can smoke and drink.


Wow. Smoking is allowed inside still?? In the whole state or just select places?


In Virginia it is a statewide law that is very difficult, but possible. The smoking area needs to be a separate space and have a separate entrance from the non-smoking. Also, it needs to have a separate ventilation system. My local is a bar/restaurant that is L-shaped and has space in two buildings, with entrances around the corner from one another. One space is a restaurant from 10am-9pm, the other is a bar with food from 10am to 2am. But it is a rare place that passes through this loophole.


Michigan has had the smoking ban in bars and restaurants and it has been great. Love being to be able to go out and not have to come home and burn your clothes.

Usually the butt hut is a semi-outdoors here, seems like.


theres this BBQ restaurant we love called Martin’s that opened here a year ago. They have a few of them in Nashville that we tried there and loved so we were very excited they opened here.

We go pretty often but the ventilation in there isn’t the best and all your clothes smell like you were in the smoker with the meat. So we go there and have to wash everything we were wearing the second we walk in the door. Like don’t even put in the laundry basket bc the bedroom will smell like a smoker too. And I take a shower right when we get home bc the smell stays in my hair too.

It’s crazy but it’s worth it! Never go there before you are going somewhere else. :hamburger:


Trump’s America is bringing tar back!


I tried drinking Gin, Gin Rickeys, Gin & Tonic. They are nice, but I think I’m just a bourbon guy.

On Saturday I asked the bartender for his best straight bourbon and he suckered me into drinking a Monte Carlo (Bourbon + Benedectine).

I think I’m going to do a sober October thing. I didn’t feel great after drinking. Low level sadness. Felt fragile. Two days later my 4 year old asked me if I had a Grandfather. I told him I didn’t and he said “I can be your Grandfather when I’m older.”

I wasn’t even close to my Grandfather, but somehow this lead me to weeping later in the day. Just the sweetness of his intention/sentiment, the passage of time, the way sons can be fathers to men (make them mature, etc), it was too much to process.


try hendricks w/ a slice of cucumber and tonic.

you can thank me later.


I recognize that. They hosted the opening of the Nirvana exhibit at the EMP years ago and that stuff was flowing. When I realized I wasn’t a whiskey person.


Kids have a way of cutting to the core.