Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


@Monkey I need you to weigh in on this too, buddy.


Evan Williams’ Single Barrell is FAR SUPERIOR to MM 46. Drinkable in all ways. Neat, water bloomed, ice…mixer. Ugh.

I give it 4.2 out of 5 possible Liver Failures.


EWSB is my go to.

It’s as close as one can get to my absolute favorite, ETL.

I have a bottle and a half left of ETL but I save it for weddings and funerals. Even then the occasion has to be someone that really deserves the toast. Not just some chump from work or something.


Seems like you can’t go wrong with Buffalo Trace Distilled hooch. My fave is Eagle Rare.


Anybody else wholly unimpressed with Four Roses?

To me it tastes like tequila and scotch adopted a kid from Kentucky


Nothing like bringing a hip flask to either.


I have a 5 oz. hip flask of Pappy that I’m not drinking until my own funeral.


At least you have something to look forward to.


Open bar, closed casket.


I’ll be there


Anyone try any of that Dan Akroyd Vodka? It’s called Crystal Head.



It’s garbage. Seriously. It tastes like rubbing alcohol. You’re paying for the celebrity attached to it and a skull bottle.


Still my favorite…


I hear a lot of good stuff about Willet.

I’m going to buy this soon. I had it on a cabin camping trip. I’m sure Monkey wouldn’t use it to clean windows, though.

I might have posted the wrong version. The stuff I’m after isn’t aged in bourbon barrels.


I’ve actually had this a few times and I won’t turn my nose up at it so long as it’s free. It’s a bit too sweet and not smokey or peated whatsoever. This is not a Scotch by technique alone and really is more in the American whisky category.


I just never got into Rye. I’ve bner had this one but it’s only because the characteristic rye profile just doesn’t do it for me.


Same with that Tin Cup garbage. They are probably coming from the same vats.

Also, if you like Buffalo Trace then you are a cunt.


I’m perilously close to starting a thread and asking Monkey to list his top 10 whiskeys. Or he could do it here and end it quietly.


I don’t know that I have a whole 10???


I mean, I’ve probably tried more than most people but I mainly stick to Willett Pot Still Reserve, Noah’s Mill and Rowan’s Creek…all Willett bourbons. If I am slumming I will drink Henderson blended whiskey, a very drinkable Texas juice.