Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


Auchentoshan is a superb malt. Pronounced ockentoshen in case you’re wondering!


It’s not a rye, though. Give it a try.


You buying? Cause if not I’m still slumming.


If Monkey AND Nick like Willett, I’m sold!


Yeah, I’m suggesting it to my husband.


Did you have better experiences getting crystal head in Deep Ellum?

Sorry, I have limited local DFW references and puerile humor.


I don’t go to Deep Ellum for any kind of head, so…


Old Bardstown, ALC. 45% Vol 90 Proof (Willett Distillery) is excessively sweet sampled neat. The prominent note is caramel. It does not open up with ice and needs to be watered down, sadly. If this were a higher proof spirit it would be so much better.

I are disappoint.

To be fair, it is cheap. I was hopeful though.


I cracked open and polished off the second to last bottle of Elmer T Lee I have last weekend on account of a Buddy’s fiftieth birthday party. We each had about two ounces of the glorious elixir.

It’s going to take a major tragedy or celebration to get me to open up that last bottle unless I can track down another at a decent price.


Angel’s Envy


You guys should really come to Louisville.


Weller… any of them